About Amit Sodha

Amit Sodha

From a young age, Amit Sodha wanted to be a teacher.

At the age of fifteen, he dropped out of school and made a conscious decision to
begin a journey like no other, to leave a legacy of transformation.

It was a calling, to make a contribution to the world.

But it wasn’t easy at all.

His inspiring journey

Having already attempted to take his own life, Amit experienced years of turmoil. He
lost his mother and sister, faced redundancy and fell into severe debt. But gently,
and with a certain grace, he managed to turn things around.

Waiting on the other side was a second chance at life, fuelled by his passion to offer
a fresh perspective to those who are suffering.

Today, Amit works tirelessly as a transformational mind-set life coach, writer,
motivational speaker, national radio presenter, among many other things.

I’m a teetotal, 5am rising, vegan, hyperactive, life-loving, gung-ho, fringe dweller!

I’m up at 5am every morning, hitting the gym, and doing all I can
to help others.

– Amit Sodha

As well as volunteering, he offers his services, delivering talks and seminars to students and
business leaders, inspiring strangers to rise above their way of thinking.

In particular, he offers tools and techniques to overcome many of the mental health challenges that modern society is currently facing.

This ever-evolving blog is a result of his life experiences. You’ll find hundreds of
articles on just about every area of personal development you can think of.

It’s all produced by Amit, and it’s all copyright-free!

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