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Amit Sodha

Welcome to Unlimited Choice. A source of Viral Wisdom by a seriously cool guy! Yep, that’s me – Amit Sodha – A teetotal, vegan, intermittent fasting, hyperactive, life loving, gung ho, adventure hound!


A bit about this blog

I use this blog as a platform not only to write articles to inspire and guide your life but also to challenge ‘conventional thinking’.

This blog is my way of making a contribution and leaving a legacy. You will find hundreds articles on just about every area of personal development you can think of and just a dash of humour.

All the written work you see here before you is created by me and is copyright free! That means you can take it, use it, give it away, pretend it’s yours; seriously, what ever you wish! (Except the pictures; I bought those you cheap asses!)

However, I cannot be held responsible for the way in which the knowledge I give here, is interpreted.

A bit about me

I’m a Transformational Mindset Life Coach, Writer, Motivational Speaker, National Radio Presenter among many other things.

‘Woah’ I hear you say; ‘do you really do all of those things?’ Yes I do and much more! I spend a large portion of my time volunteering with young people to offer them a fresh perspective and to forge a clear path in life.

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