Category: Health


Juice Fast Results

My Juice Fast Results – What I Learned.

After seeing the seeing the documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – my lovely fiance and I decided to immerse ourselves in a ‘Juice Reboot’. It was an eye-opening experiment and I want to...

Beating Cancer

Beating Cancer Through The Power Of Viral

Ladies and gentlemen, I would love to share with you and incredible story of beating cancer through the power of viral. When you hear this story I would love for you to consider the...

Healthy Food Quotes

5 Jaw-Dropping Food Documentaries You MUST Watch

Ever wondered about genetically modified food? Do you ponder on why obesity, and it’s related diseases are continuing to soar, despite the fact we exercise more and have have become more health conscious? Over...

weight loss

How I Lost 30lbs And Keep It Off

Before I take you on this epic voyage with me, I just want to be clear, my health journey is far from over. I’ve still got a long way to go but, last year,...

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