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New Beginning

Every Moment Is A New Beginning

Very recently, I made some mistakes. My punishment was my conscience. No one could make me feel as bad as I was already doing myself. It’s amazing how powerful and how leveling a conscience...

Meditation In The Zones

Meditation In The Zones

In my previous post, I spoke briefly about how valuable your time is and to make sure you are using it to it’s fullest. Right now my day is such that I spend at...

How To Meditate Anytime Anywhere

One of things I look forward to every day is my meditation time. I meditate at any possible opportunity. For example, while I’m waiting for a train; sitting in a traffic; sitting at my...

The Stillness Theory Vs The Chaos Theory

The Stillness Theory Vs The Chaos Theory

Everyone talks about the chaos theory but very few venture into the world of stillness. There is an entire universe within the stillness that is to be explored. On my daily commute I meditate...


A Brief Manual On Igniting A Satori

Have you ever had a satori? [pronounced – suh-tawr-ee] The chances are you have and may not have been aware of it. A satori is like an instant awakening, or a brief moment of...

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