100 Days of Vision…Day 17

Fulfillment is relative to the balance you have in giving energy and attention to yourself, as well as to others, or a purpose greater than yourself. If you spend too much time focused on just yourself you’ll get depressed, feel down and your consciousness will be directed towards questions like: “What’s in it for me?” Or “What do I get out this?”

If you’re too focused on others you’ll find that you’ll eventually burn yourself out and so you need a good balance of the two.

Balance doesn’t necessarily come in for the from of giving equal time to either one, you’ll know when you reach a balance because you’ll feel energised, worthfull, light, generous and even, dare I say, happy?! 😆

We are all different so find a balance that’s good for you, contribute to others whilst remembering to give something back to yourself too.

2 Responses

  1. Another perspective – forget the balance, that like the score in any game. Being energy aware is the key, I think you know.

    Managing who you are (energy, learning, relationship, serving – and so on) and having fun in the process – is energizing.

    Forget the scorecard. (You think?)

  2. Amit Sodha says:

    Absolutely John, I couldn’t agree more! In many ways, that’s exactly what I was trying to convey when I spoke about time, there’s no need to count because you’ll feel and know when you’re in balance! 😀


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