Time To Burn Baby Burn!

It’s that time of year where I start pounding the pavement and get my ass ready for the Silverstone Half Marathon. When I did it last year, it wasn’t as if running the half marathon was challenge enough, no no, last year on the same day, in the evening, I also performed Stand-Up Comedy straight afterwards too! I can still remember the pain clearly! The agony of my muscles siezing up while I was on stage and by the end of it barely being able to stand! Lets just say it’s something that I don’t really want to be doing again!

Yes, you guessed it, this year it’s much worse! This year not only will I be running the half marathon; that wasn’t enough for most people, to see me running my ass off for 13.1 miles! No! They also want to see me go through some real pain!

For that my team from the backchat show at the radio station thought that I should do something extra to get money for charity. The suggested the thing that most men would cringe over just thinking about! They want me to get my back and chest waxed too! 😮

Now me, being the stupid bloke that I am, never backs down from a challenge! So here’s the deal. I’ve created my fundraising page here – https://www.justgiving.com/amitsodha. I originally set my target to £500. However, I said to my team, if they can take care of the fundraising and get it up to £1000 then I’ll get my chest and back waxed too! (Pictures and footage will be taken to proove it has been done)

So, here’s my plea: Please don’t donate too much! Sure lets get it to 5, 6, heck maybe even £700 but lets keep it there. That figure will do me nicely! Spare a brutha the pain of being waxed. I’m gonna be running for 13 miles. I’ll be in pain! Don’t make me have to go through pain twice! 🙁


P.S. The charity I’ve selected to donate the proceeds to is called ‘Children On The Edge’. It was one that resonated with me and hence I chose that one for this event.

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