35 Articles To Help You Live More Joyously

I’ve been blogging for over 6 years and I recently had a good look over the site and was browsing over some of the articles I’ve written in the past.

There’s been some exceptionally bad ones and some not so bad ones. 😛 Remember you don’t get good without doing some really bad ones first. 😉

I decided to pick my top 35 and share them with you. There’s something here for everyone and if you find something of value why not share it with someone you think may need it.

Here we go…

1. Enlightened Thoughts

Here’s one of my personal favourites; enlightened thoughts to help you stay happy and present during your day. – 7 Enlightened Thoughts For A Kick Ass Day

2. The Attitude Of Gratitude

Let this be a reminder that being grateful does not necessarily mean that you need to debase yourself. – Don’t Let The Attitude Of Gratitude Turn You Into A Pushover

3. Haters

I loved writing this one. Having haters simply means that you’ve done something that has made people sit up and take note. – A Response To A Hater And Some Hate Mail

4. Free Writing

Some people call it free writing, I call it naked dictation or un-edited thinking. Either way, this is an exercise I encourage everyone to try on a regular basis. – Welcome To The School Of Un-Edited Thinking And Writing

5. Orgasmic

I had so much fun writing this. – 21 Ways To Make Personal Development More Orgasmic

6. Academia

Probably my most controversial piece written to date. – Why It’s Pointless Going To University To Get A Degree

7. Singles

I’m no longer single but if you are, enjoy it while it lasts! – How To Be Single And Enjoy Every Second

8. Vibez

Read this one a few times to truly grasp it’s meaning and the experience. – Raise Your Vision And Let Go Of Your Outcomes

9. Angry Birds

You can even learn a lot about life from something like Angry Birds. – 10 Things I’ve Learned From Angry Birds/

10. Living Consciously

A simple tutorial to enable you to live more consciously. – Living Consciously Vs Reactionary Living

11. Core Principles

A long one that deserves to be read a few times and fully absorbed. – The Core Principles Of Life

12. Beggars

One to make you think next time you pass a beggar or a homeless person. – When You Walk Past A Beggar

13. Suicide

We all have low points, here’s how I got through mine and helped others do the same. – My Suicide Attempt

14. Alcohol

This article always get plenty of hits after new year and usually on a Monday morning too! 😆 – How To Be Drunk Without The Alcohol

15. Anchoring

A really nice and simple guide to anchoring your emotions. – Anchoring

16. Rise And Shine

Forget about being an early riser, it’s all about being a natural riser. – Waking Up Early, Naturally And Refreshed

17. Don’t Be An IGUIG

If you wait for other people, you’ll miss out on some amazing opportunities, instead, go it alone. – Going It Alone

18. Death

I wrote this shortly after my sister passed away and it’s a useful one to send to anyone who may have recently experienced a bereavement. – Dealing With Death

19. The Story Of Troy

The sweet story of a homeless person I met named Troy. – Troy

20. Illusions

We can all delude ourselves from time to time, here’s the most common and how to spot them. – https://www.unlimitedchoice.org/blog/personal-growth/The 7 Big Illusions In Life

21. Achievements

If you feel like you haven’t achieved much in life, here’s how you can start in just 30 minutes. – 30 Things You Can Achieve In 30 Minutes

22. Satori

You don’t have to be anywhere spiritual to have a satori, you can ignite one right now. – A Brief Manual On Igniting A Satori

23. Balancing Your Emotions

We all have ups and downs but here’s how you can keep your emotions a bit more in check. – The Key To Balancing Out Your EmotionS When You’re Feeling Down

24. Spreading The Word

Go door to door if you have to. 😛 – 10 Magnificent Messages To Spread Across The Globe

25. Spirituality

Absolutely anything can be spiritual. Not just those things don’t at a temple or in prayer.Spirituality Is NOT A Separate Area Of Life

26. Schooling

School is not just about remembering information, it should be where we learn about real life too. – Things They Don’t Teach At School – 17 Recommendations

27. Charity

Donating money does no make someone a charitable person. It’s about more than just money. – Why Charity Is More Than Just Donating Money

28. Profile

If you need to get some free promotion, here are some quirky ways to do it. – 69 Simple Tips To Increase Your Profile

29. Bollywood

Just a simple reminder not to take life so seriously. 😉 – 7 Steps To Be A World Class Bollywood Dancer

30. Negative People

Negative people will always be around, they just make us appreciate our positive friends much more. – A Quick Guide To Dealing With Negative People

31. Badminton

This sport literally changed my life and I’m now a fanatic. – https://www.unlimitedchoice.org/blog/humour/10 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Badminton

32. Flirting

Be a flirt, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, in fact, it’s good for the soul. – Flirting Is Good For The Soul

33. Negativity

Your negativity could be the very thing making you stronger. – Never Underestimate The Power Of Negativity

34. Goals

Goals need not be grand or huge, they can be small ones you can have throughout your day. – 101 Mini-Purposes Or Goals For Your Day

35. Stuck In Life?

There’s only one way to become unstuck. – Stuck And Not Sure What To Do With Life?

20 Responses

  1. Hi Amit,
    It’s always a pleasure to read your articles. Go on your job, it’s great!

  2. Sarah says:

    I love your insight regarding “attitude of gratitude”. Going to far with anything is not good, even if it’s something as powerful as gratitude.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Sarah, absolutely true and I’ve seen it in action on many occasions, how passive people become because they think they need to be grateful. What they need to be grateful for is the opportunity to express themselves in a new form. Whether that be standing up for themselves or others.

  3. Tamara says:

    For the record, I don’t recall seeing any “bad” posts. lol.
    I like your top 35 idea, especially like the one about Haters, I don’t get them often either, but they certainly do prove that people are reading your blog whether they like it or not 🙂
    Thanks & keep up the good writing.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Tamara, haha I’d love to hear about any of your stories about your haters and how you dealt with them. As one comedian said, if you don’t have haters, you’re doing something wrong.

      Thank you so much for your comment about my blogs though, very grateful. 🙂

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