How To Make A Choice

Note: This is a guest post by Kim.

Why is it so hard to make a choice? It seems as simple as making an affirmation and then putting it into action. What could be easier…well the hardest part to making a choice is maintaining that choice. What suits you one day may not suit you for another, and in certain circumstances this will reflect well on your life. However take for example diets: you decide to go on a diet, and make the choice of eating certain foods each day…however sometimes the temptation will become overwhelming, and you may make another choice to eat a cake, and exercise it off the next day. Choices can be as regimented as you require them to be, the more power you give to your choice, the more empowered you will ultimately feel.

If you make a choice and decide to stick to it, you have given the choice power, by maintaining it in the face of adversity weather that is a life changing experience or simply a cream cake! Of course choices shouldn’t be set in stone, otherwise you loose the ability to make that choice, but they should be given the due respect they deserve, in stead of simply an idea that will work one day and not another.

It’s often hard to maintain your choices, and more often then not we succumb to our overriding voices in our heads which tell us to forget the choices we have made.

Always Remember:

A choice is: a challenge in order to help you overcome the difficulty, using your intuition as a guide to help you continue and embrace the choice you have made!

C Challenge
H Help
O Over come
I Intuition
C Continue
E Embrace

6 Responses

  1. Amit says:

    Hey Kim,

    “A choice is: a challenge in order to help you overcome the difficulty, using your intuition as a guide to help you continue and embrace the choice you have made!” – I love that quote and I think it will be on eof the quotes that people in general will remember for a long time.

    I love the acronym too, such a beautiful and simplistic way of looking at it, please don’t every give up your writing and definiely finish your book on dealing with life and dealing with death!


  2. Kim says:

    thank you darlin. Glad you liked it and i hope others will feel the same about it. I’ll be sending some more articles to you just like this one! Loads of loves and hugs…K

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  4. kavita says:

    Hi notebook computers bag – Many Thanks! Would love to hear your views on some of these topics one day! 🙂

    Peace and Love

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