The Personal Development Carnival – June 17, 2007

Welcome to this edition of the blog carnival! A huge thank you to Lyman for letting me host this edition. There are some superb entries this week and I’ve personally enjoyed perusing each and every one of them! 🙂 Enjoy! **CUE THE CARNIVAL MUSIC**


David presents The Secret in Think and Grow Rich posted at Worldwide Success.


Matthew Stevenson presents Thoughts on God posted at Food for thought, by archangelG.


FameFire presents 21 Suggestions for Happiness posted at


Nik Agarwal presents Success Begins With You | The Air posted at The Air.


Jack Yoest presents The Manager?s Mission posted at


Conan Stevens presents Movie Extras, What To Do At The Film Set posted at Tall Muscle Actor Blog.


Craig presents Laugh your way to health and happiness posted at Pursuit of Happiness Blog.


Ananga presents What Chronic Illness Taught me about Productivity posted at Ananga Sivyer’s Living by Design Blog.


Debra Moorhead presents Opposite George: Learning How to Match Your Beliefs to Your Desires posted at Debra Moorhead . com.


Nahush Khubalkar presents Record Your Creative Ideas posted at Success Mantras.


Judy Braley presents The Power of Words posted at


Jimmy Atkinson presents Take Any College Class for Free: 236 Open Courseware Collections, Podcasts, and Videos | OEDb posted at OEDb: Online Education Database.


John presents Attracting Friends posted at Attracting


Lola Fayemi presents How I Raise My Vibration posted at Real World Spiritual and Personal Development.


Craig Harper presents The REAL SECRET of Success. posted at Motivational Speaker.


FitBuff presents How I Lifted 50 Pounds with My Mind posted at’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog.


Raymond David Salas presents The Power of Letting Go posted at Power Tools Blog.


William Tully presents What about FINITE capacity? | LOGICal eMOTIONs posted at LOGICal eMOTIONs.


Karen Lynch presents Paradigms and Possibilities posted at Live The Power.


Jimson Lee presents’s 10 Success Tips posted at


zenofeller presents The drowned faithfull posted at


A Better You Blog presents Being Honest With Yourself posted at A Better You Blog.


Jason Ivers presents Defeating Fear Of Failure (Creating Success) posted at A Miracle A Day General Feed.


John Wesley presents The Secret to Creativity posted at Pick the Brain.


Ruby presents 25 Ways to Make Money Quickly and Easily (and Legally)! posted at Advice and Rants.


Uncle Leo presents Uncle Leo Rumbles: Goals for Retirement Saving and Why They Don’t Always Matter posted at Uncle Leo Rumbles.


Alex Blackwell presents What Makes a Relationship Great? posted at The Next 45 Years.


Lyman Reed presents Seven Things I Learned from Jack Canfield posted at Creating a Better Life.


Gal Josefsberg presents 60 IN 3 United We Stand: How to motivate your friends and loved ones to improve their health posted at 60 IN 3.


Chris presents Activties People Do When They Hang Around Each Other posted at How to have more social success.


SpiKe presents What Influences Our Priorities In Life? posted at Organize IT.


Dave Cheong presents Waking Up Early – 15 Tips That Work posted at Dave Cheong | Engineer to Entrepreneur.


Golbguru presents Lifestyle Inflation – When Does It Become A Problem? posted at Money, Matter, and More Musings.


Next weeks edition will be held at Real World Spiritual and Personal Development so make sure you submit your entries and get on over there to check out what topics your fellow PD bloggers are writing about! 🙂

19 Responses

  1. Karen Lynch says:

    Looks like a great carnival! I’m looking forward to reading many of the posts! Thanks for including me. Have a joyful day!

  2. Amit Sodha says:

    Thanks Karen, will do and ditto! 😉

  3. Lyman Reed says:

    Great job, Amit! Thank you for hosting this week – and thanks for including my article.

  4. Amit Sodha says:

    My pleasure Lyman and thank YOU! 🙂

  5. Famefire says:

    Thanks for the link at you site with – “21 Suggestions for Happiness.”

    Recently I have posted “7 ways to learn blogging from SpiderMan”. You can have a look over there at

  6. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey FF,

    Thanks for the link, great idea on the spiderman blog post! 😉

    A x

  7. Nik Agarwal says:

    Great reads Amit. Some of those articles were just fabulous reads. Thanks for including my article as well. And another big thanks for such a great carnival.

  8. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey Nik, thanks to you too for participating!! 🙂

  9. Judy Braley says:

    I know I’m a day or so late, but I wanted to thank you for listing my article for the carnival. You have some great articles. Thanks!

  10. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey Judy, I loved your article, thank you!!! 🙂

  11. Patricia says:

    Thanks for including my article. You did a great job on this carnival!

  12. ok says:

    good site cfhpln

  13. Great post Amit. Thanks for sharing.This is so helpful.

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