Reflections – What You See Is What You Get

Every once in a while, through the unlimited stream of data on various social networks, you can come across a gem.

I found this wonderful story on Facebook, of two dogs who enter the same room, but both emerge very differently, and I just had to share.

The message behind is story is amazing. Read, re-read, and enjoy!

“There is a story they tell of two dogs. Both at separate times walk into the same room. Once comes out wagging his tail, while the other comes out growling. A woman watching this goes into the room to see what could possibly make one dog so happy and the other so mad.

To her surprise, she finds a room filled with mirrors. The happy dog found a thousand happy dogs looking back at him while the angry dog saw only angry dogs growling back at him.

What you see in the world around you, is a reflection of who you are.”

3 Responses

  1. Sarju says:

    Hi How come you don’t put a date on your articles anymore?

  2. Robert says:

    Great story and I fully agree: Everything on the outside is only a reflection of what is within – our core beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

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