Ultimate Dating and Love Mastery

Ultimate Dating & Love Mastery

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Do you keep getting ghosted?

Do you find you being ghosted is a common occurrence and you have no idea why it keeps happening?

not sure if they're interested

Unsure if they're interested?

You're never sure if they're interested or how to make the next move?

Wrong Type

Attract the wrong type?

Do you find you more often than not you always attract the same type of wrong person?

Online Pen Pals

They become online Pen-Pals?

Nothing seems to go further and all you seem to accumulate is online pen-pals!

Mixed Signals

Misunderstand the signals?

Are you confused by all the signals and are are concerned you may be giving off the wrong ones?

Not getting noticed

You're not getting noticed?

You aren't getting any dates and your profile isn't getting you noticed at all.

Online Dating

Are you struggling with online dating?

If you’re truly struggling with trying to figure out this whole online dating game, UDLM is exactly what you need, Click ‘I’m ready’ if you are ready to crack the code of dating!

Join UDLM and make sense of it all

Join my Ultimate Dating & Love Mastery program to show you exactly how to make sense of the dating world and begin to make headway into getting noticed, meeting the right people, and how to move things forward.

Dating Mastery
Meeting the right one

If you're ready for the pain of dating to end

If you’re truly ready to find the way through, put an end to your single life, and really enter in the next chapter as quickly as possible, don’t delay! Get started on the program now!

What The Participants Say!

I attended the recent UDLM workshop where I learnt some amazing takeaways around masculine a and feminine energies.

I totally believed chivalry is dead when from the workshop I realised it was dead because I don't allow the man the opportunity to show it! Catch 22! I have since been getting to know someone for a while and am now officially dating. I have learnt so much over the last 5yrs around human behaviour and am inspired I put that knowledge into practice along with the golden nuggets from Amit's UDLM.

I'm excited to see what the future holds for us.

Thank you your guidance and openly sharing about your relationships too, I believe that has helped me and can help many others out there too.
Keep doing what you do - you are amazing!
I wasn’t too sure what to expect out of UDLM by Amit.

What I actually found was that it was simply a case of him getting to know me in a relaxed, informal atmosphere and finding out how I was currently going about dating. Then pointing out little tips, on how I could do it better. The strange thing was that they weren’t anything complicated or esoteric. Now that I’ve been shown them, they seem so obvious! It was only a few minutes into our first session before he saw improvements that I could start making. Practical tips that could be implemented immediately. He cleared some misunderstandings I had, about how women’s minds work or hadn’t even thought about much and gave some tasks each session, to work on in my own time and have success. Success being: in a long-term committed relationship, which has now happened for me!

A pro like Amit can show you both the common and the individual success factors.

If you are struggling and not sure why, I highly recommend you give Amit’s
program a try!
I approached Amit for coaching in November 2019 after I felt I was attracting the wrong men in my life. After our initial consultation I felt Amit magically uplifted me and brought me into the present. At times he brought me out of my comfort zone and I felt shy at first especially talking to myself. But now I do this it really boosts my mind and confidence.

Amit has a very warm and understanding personality. I felt very comfortable talking to him openly about my past relationships without judgement. His guidance, wealth of knowledge has proven to be invaluable,I often think he's a walking bookshop. He's nurtured me in realising my self worth, the past does not define you and approaching guys with confidence and how to bring out my hidden persona, one who I truly am.

Its been a stepping stone for life and I can not highly recommend Amit for his professional expertise and coaching. Thank you Amit for all your guidance and friendly support