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Now that I have recovered (only just) after that gruelling 3.5mile run I can now begin to start my usual blogging again. It hasn’t been easy balancing everything out and infact I truly haven’t been doing that well when it comes to balancing out the various aspects of my life. But saying that I can’t be too hard on myself either. It’s not easy making big changes in oneself and infact, if you askme , making changes to the self, to better your own experiece in life is the greatest challenge of all! In the early stages it can seem like struggle, almost like a battle between good and evil going on.

Sometimes, your head can seem like a session of parliament. Anyone who’s seen what it like in the houses of parliament during the daily sessions will know that you mind can almost seem the same. One the one side, you have the governing body, the one that thinks it knows best for you and enforces the rules and on the other you’ve got the side that likes to challenge anything that ruling body says, even just for the hell of challenging. But that’s good! That is the start you want. You want to begin by at least challenging your current thinking systems, the habits that you have formed in your head. When you begin challenging your current thinking you can then begin to break any of the hard forged habits of thinking and percieving that have been formed over how ever many years you’ve been alive. If your thinking is life is hard slog and always painful then that will be the way your life will unfold for you. Whereas if you think of life as an exciting challenge with delicious situations waiting to be encountered that once again that will be your experience. A situation that is identical, no matter what it is, for the two types of people above…who is more likely to come out on the other side with a smile, enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment?

I have heard some people say that messing with the thougts that go through your head, can, at times, feel unnatural and in a sense, mess with the natural evolution of your life. However you mind if very often the product of what it’s been told. So therefore, there is nothing natural about the thoughts going through you head. You are constantly being bombarded by thoughts and suggestions from every direction at ever second of your life! T.V., books, news, internet, magazines, teachers, managers, etc the list just goes on and on. The truth is thought that at even the best of times you are the product of your environment. I’m not saying that you don’t have the the power of your own choosing to change it, I’m saying that it’s rare to hear of people using their power to take their life in the direction that they choose. So to those who think that changing the way you think feels unnatural, then ask yourself are your thoughts truly your own or are they in some way the product of your surroundings?

This is what I mean when I talk about choice, you have a choice about where to guide your thoughts and your life. If you’re not happy being the gossip king and yet you act that way because others expect that of you then you decided that and you can now decide to move you live in a different direction. If that gossip originated from magazines, internet, t.v. etc then start by changing what you choose to have as your main source of input. Switch from reading the tabloids to reading the broadsheets. Watch the discovery channel once in a while. Read a book that stimulates your thinking in an area that you had previously never considered. Do some charity work. See the world from another pair of eyes. Do a fun fundraising event.

The beginning of change is easy, sustaining that change is the real challenge. When you make changes, no matter how big or small, you will encounter some rough waves but learn to ride those waves and know that the waves will pass in due course even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time. When you dedicate yourself to a change, the old part of you, the old part where the habits were strong will come and challenge you, they will want a fight, if you resist, it will come at you even stronger. Here’s the paradox, how can you fight without resisting? – I’ll leave you to think about that for a while and I’ll post up soon further on this resistance to change.

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  1. seawave says:

    Wonderfully thought out post. Making changes in our lives can feel so overwhelming to us as we become slaves to our habits, even those habits we know are self destructive. They are familiar so they are comfortable. With change comes that inner voice that talks us out of the positive changes we so desperately seek. That inner judge, inner victim, that we all too often lend our ear to. Thank you for the reminder that ultimately it is a choice….it is a choice which voice we wish to listen to; the voice that says we have no control and nothing will ever be different…or the voice of change, the voice of self love and self worth that tells us we have everything we need inside of ourselves…we are whole….we are sufficient…we are love. You bless me with your post.

  2. Amit says:

    Thank you for your lovely comments seawave! 🙂

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