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I don’t pretend to be a life coach that knows all the answers. I don’t pretend that I always do everything right or always make the best decisions. Sometimes I feel scared; shock horror! Somebody call the papers, a life coach who’s admitted his fear!

I get things wrong and I do sometimes feel lost. No one is above or beyond those kinds of feelings no matter how much they pretend.

This week I was made redundant from work. Even though I’m only 33 I’ve been working since I was 15. That means I’ve been in the rat race for over 18 years. This is an unusual time for me as this coming Monday I will no longer have to wake up and get ready to go to work. It’s definitely a weird feeling when it’s something you’ve been doing for so long.

Although I know I have a bigger purpose, I have yet to decide what I’m going to do now that I’ll be out there on my own. I have plenty of ideas of things I’d like to do, but I wanted to see what people would say to me, knowing where I currently am. This is where I’d like to invite your ideas, coaching, suggestions etc. based on all that I do.

There are certain things that will definitely take some adjusting to. I will no longer be getting a fixed monthly income with benefits. I will no longer have a set routine pattern that I will have to follow. I will no longer have to travel into the office. (Even though I only used to drive a few miles!)

Of course, I don’t just see this as an ending, I see this as a beginning with new opportunities. I know this means that I will no longer have to answer to a particular boss.

However, entrepreneur or not, I’ve always believed that there is the concept of service. Regardless of whether of working for someone or myself, I will always answer to my clients. Whether that be in the form of my coaching clients, or entertaining an audience, I will be always be doing a form of service.

Taking into consideration that I’ve been coaching for 6 years, doing radio for over 3 years, doing comedy for over 2 years, and have been writing for over 5 years, I need to turn these skills into in a model allows me to generate an income from it. I want these things that I love doing, my hobbies to become my livelihood.

With all that mind and all that you know about me, what would you ask me and what steps would you recommend I take? I look forward to reading through your suggestions and answers.

A huge merci beaucoup to jturn for the picture.

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  1. Amie Sugat says:

    Put all your talents together and write about radio and life coaching and submit those articles to various databases and earn upfront and residual income from it. Then start a second blog and upload videos to it where you be yourself and discuss those issues. and also make some videos radio show host style.

    Just two cents form someone who always wanted to be in radio, but never got the job and wound up being a writer instead and loving every minute of it.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Amie, Thanks for the suggestions. If I were to write about those topics as you suggested, how would I earn money from them?

      • Amie Sugat says:

        There are several websites you can utilize do do this with. If you would like, I can see which of the sites I use allow writers from the UK.

        • Amit Sodha says:

          Thanks Amie, it will definitely be worth a look so thank you! 🙂 x

          • Amie Shugart says:

            No problem, anything for one of my favorite bloggers. planning on visiting my brother in England probably next summer, if your back into show biz maybe I can drop by and watch a show.

          • Amie Shugart says:

            I know for sure that accepts writers from England. In fact, there are a few there from England On the forums. It takes a while to build an income, bu you get great web presence and press. and suite articles usually make it to the top of search results in a couple of days. Though you do have to maintain a contract of a minimum of 10 articles every 90 days.

            I’ll keep you posted when I find more.

          • Amie Shugart says:

            I’ve heard that accept England writers. They Only pay up front, but pay after every 5th approved article. and I hear the pay is pretty good.

          • Amie Shugart says:

            Hi Amit,

            My fellow writers at Suit are such Suitees (pun intended) Ask a question on the forums and you dont need to do any research of your own.

            I’ll still double check their answers, but this is what I got as a reply.

            There is a facebook group for writers in the UK if you do join Suite.

            If you are looking for a place that pays twice per week because you need the cash, Demand Studios pays upfront and accepts writers from the UK and Canada. .

            Gillian, who is from Scotland but currently living in London, says that Bright hub, Hubpages, and Squidoo also accept writers from the UK. All three places pay residuals and Bright Hub also displays a classified section with jobs from around the world. for a decent residual income Bright Hub is your best bet of the three.

            With all of these places you get a bio at the end of your article and Your name near the title, so in addition to income, you get good web exposure, giving yourself more credibility. Also, there are no monthly minimums with these places, so you can join and then if your short on time, you dont have to worry about getting so many in per month to keep your contract.

            If you are interested in writing short news clips you might try All voices, the pay isn’t that great, and I dont know which countries they accept, but its worth a look.

            Other places worth looking into are Constant Content, Elance, Natural News, (a classified page), and (also a classifieds page).

          • Amie Shugart says:

            Okay, one more. I dont know if it is open to those in the UK, but Seed ( often has a large amount of travel articles. Right now there is one for Manchester, England and the offer is $50 for an article about the safest and worst places to go when traveling there. There are over 100 in the travel section, many for places outside the U.S.

  2. Amit,

    When one door closes another opens up. Like you said, this could be great time for soul searching and doing something you love and enjoy. Once I thought who am I without my job but we are many things and so are you. I am sure lot of new things will come to your way, just keep busy and optimistic future.

    You will always have blog and people who come to read you and comment here.

  3. rob says:

    I am offering you an experience tht I had many years ago … that will help you with your inquiry. This memory just spontaneously came to me while reading your blog. I was once browsing through a college book store in the used books section. I found a math workbook that offered simple methods for solving difficult math problems. When I took it home to learn what it had to offer, I realized that the first thing I had to do was ‘whiteout’ the notes left in the book by the prior owner of the book. The prior owner had put notes in the book, of which many were erroneous conclusions that he’d come to. By erasing the misleading conclusions, I was able to focus on finding answers that taught me valuable math lessons. I find this is also ‘SO’ with life. Take a moment to ‘whiteout’ any erroneous conclusions that you may be coming to about yourself, others and about life …. turn deep within and ask to see things differently (mean it) … you will be awe-struck if you listen intently. I hope this helps you.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      “Erase the misleading conclusions” – Thanks rob, my next blog post is going to tie in with those sentiments exactly. I’m curious as to what the first steps you took were to creating your wealth as you did?

  4. ivan says:

    If you are in a transition phase I would recommend you take your new found freedom to go see the world…maybe go to Thailand for 6 months and volunteer…or teach English..if you do it right you will spend very little money or even make some will learn a tremendous amount about yourself by getting out of your comfort zone …you will come to question everything you have will gain a whole new perspective…all this will lead to thinking of more ways to put all your skills to better use…I spent many months just peacefully inquiring into myself on the beaches of costa rica..over a year wondering the cobble stone streets of prague…and now exploring asia…it has been an education that has superseded my university education 100 fold…

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Ivan, welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. I never thought about using this opportunity to travel. I always had a limiting belief that I could only travel when “I had the money to do so” which I know to be an illusion. It certainly is a possibility and a very attractive one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and giving me something different to think about.

  5. Christopher Kabamba says:

    “The absence of fear is not courage. The absence of fear is some kind of brain damage.”

    Ironically, it is only courageous people who can say “Sometimes I feel scared”. I applaud you for that and i instinctively know that there are some great and memorable times ahead.

  6. Kavita Sohanta says:

    My advice is by far the best, and will not be understood by anyone else but you…..but i think you should return to planet ‘splurg’! lol
    Other then that, take this time to allow others to look after you for a change! (Me and simba will wait on you hand and paw)!!! lol! Lubzzzz! xxx

  7. Farnoosh says:

    Hi Amit, you are a little younger than me but I have been struggling with the same question a long time. So many talents, so much to do and what to choose. A quote I used in Toastmasters for today’s leadership theme was from JC Maxwell who said “if you have a lot of talent and see a lot of motion but few results, you lack self-discipline.” When I read that, I was first very offended! (I take everything personally_ ) but it’s true for me, even though I think me so disciplined……we can do ANYTHING but we can’t do everything so first and foremost, settle on ONE thing you want to do and then pursue it. Sounds simple and commanding I know…..but believe me, it comes to you with a big { } and lots of warm wishes……(and you’d better NOT stop blogging !:))

    • Amit Sodha says:

      LOL I feel offended by that too but the reason I do take offence to it is because I know deep down that it is entirely true. I’m not going to rush, I do have a bit of time and I know I can do some amazing things with the culmination of all my talents. Thank you Farnoosh for hitting the right spot!

  8. Milan Bakrania says:

    Hey bro,
    You already know my take on this one, but here’s the lecture anyways!….In my opinion, work is anything you love doing and not a routine-based robotic movement for paying the bills. Sometimes it takes a huge shocker like redundancy for people to see that. When I had the same experience, I felt down for weeks and then it dawned on me….I didn’t have to feel down or embarrassed, I could actually do what I want. That’s scary for some people, especially if they’ve been trapped within boundaries for so long.
    I say the same thing to you…Yes it will feel crazy, even scary because it is taking you away from everything you have known. But you know what? You are now truly walking out of your mundane comfort zone to realise there was never a zone in the first place, only stagnancy.
    Be creative, bring something new into the world. You can still do this with a 9 to 5, you can also accomplish this with your own business. Which ever path you choose make sure it is what YOU want. Don’t fear the unknown or the risk, be strong because at the end of the day…You’re worth it! : ) Also remember, the universe is watching and ready to reciprocate with your every move.
    All the best!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Powerful words my friend. When it initially happened naturally I did feel a bit scared. It was more the thought of money than losing something I really enjoyed. That is still the case in the sense I have no idea what is going to become my main source of income. The challenge, as far as I see it, is turning the things I love doing into a livelihood but I have a feeling if I can work out that equation I would have discovered a talent worth much more than the money it brings in. Thanks for believing in me.

      • Milan Bakrania says:

        A challenge indeed. This will sound crazy but don’t think about money at the moment. Think about the things you love doing with complete dedication and passion, money will follow soon enough. It can be difficult to implement when we see bills flying through the door every month but believe me it works. You are a bundle of talent, through which you can create your world as you want it. Break the rules and actually think about what YOU want as opposed to moulding yourself to fit in with society’s needs, then money. success. fame etc will be the default reaction. As for your fear, it will simmer down soon enough when you focus on your goals. Then it will transform into something more useful. It may all sound difficult at the moment, but once you’re over this apparant hill it will the easiest thing you’ve ever come across.
        All the best bro..keep shining! : )

  9. HI Amit,
    WOW…and firstly congrats on taking the first step to freedom…the freedom to be so YOU! Awesome! I am so excited for this new journey you are gonna embark on.
    I think you should look at all the endless possibilities. You are a talented guy…and you have a heart..a heart of gold. Use those talents and see what makes your heart happy. What makes you superbly excited…and thats what youre supposed to BE! That will not be something you do..but something that You already are….it will just be a matter of focus and bit more dedication. And you know what the best part is….You are your own boss 😉
    Welcome to the club my friend….I know I am on the same path as you…and have already found my calling 🙂
    When you know …what it is…its bliss. literally and totally bliss.It aint work..cause you enjoy it so much.
    Now go ahead…explore the possibilities…and go with your heart…money will just follow in time.
    Lots of love and blessings for this new journey Amit. I ma so happy for you.
    Much love,
    p.s.while on my offline break for a month, ur ipod was my saviour 🙂 thank you. Oh..and are you still open for that guest post i was supposed to send you a month back ?? 🙂

    • Amit Sodha says:

      LOL well I’m so happy the iPod has meant so much to you! I’m just so glad it’s come to be of so much use to someone. And yes send me that guest post!

      Thank you for the reassuring words. It’s a huge comfort to know other people have been through similar scenarios and have found their true calling. It’s good to know it’s been the greatest gift to people. I, for one, am looking forward to the journey!

  10. Pragna says:


    I didn’t know you had a ‘job’ and went into the office!! I was surprised when you said you were being made redundant…..and immediately I thought, “Amit’s doing all this other stuff…..he’ll be fine. All Amit’s work with the radio, writing and coaching can be taken to a whole new level” 😉
    I was having a chat with a colleague about contracting and he said said to me “Don’t let money draw you to contracting, let it come from not being able to grow”
    So as you draw on your 18 years of experience……I leave that thought with you.

    All the best, Amit.


    • Amit Sodha says:

      And that’s some pretty good advice too Pragna. Yep I was doing all of that stuff on top of my full time Job. That in itself was a huge talent. Being able to juggle all those different things on top of a full time job was pretty something! We still need to meet at some point!

  11. Hi Amit, well can I start by saying I just know this will be the first step in something completely huge for you, but I think you already know that. Secondly, I think it’s completely understandable to be concerned about money, because the reality is that money provides your home and food, pays your bills etc. But, while you’re concentrating on money (or rather, the potential lack of money), you may miss an opportunity to pursue your passions (sounds like you know what they are already). So, I’d say work out how much money you’ve got to tide you over, work out how long you can make that last comfortably, figure out your budget, sign off on it, put it in a drawer somewhere…and then stop thinking about money, so you can open yourself up to the wonderful opportunities that are just waiting for you to turn your attention to them. I hope that helps.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hi Claire, that’s a really useful and practical tip. I’m going to do exactly that so thank you for taking your time to read and leave me a message that will help me, I’m very grateful! 🙂

  12. Hey Amit,

    And AWESOME on the free ranging! This is so the best thing that’s happened to you.

    Biggest tip for you is to revisit your wealth dynamics profile – as a Supporter you’ll do amazingly well, just don’t make the mistake of trying to come up with clever ‘models’ or ‘passive income’ etc because that sounds like the thing to do. That approach doesn’t fit with your strengths… often the thing you find easiest is where your solution is, but we often overlook that thing cause it feels too easy! (and we assume that work should feel like work!)

    Re-read your stuff and stick with what you know is most *you*.

    Let’s catch up now you’re around during the week!


    • Amit Sodha says:

      “we often overlook that thing cause it feels too easy! (and we assume that work should feel like work!)”

      Hey Marianne, great to hear from you and well said! Next week would be cool and it would be good to catch up!

  13. Amit Sodha says:


    Thanks for all the awesome information! It’s a great place to start so I’ll begin the process of looking into it!

    Yes, when you’re in the UK let me know and if we’re having a show come down and have a giggle!! 😀

    • Amie says:

      No Problem.

      Hey, is adsense is available for publishers in the UK? There are plenty of sites that use it and you get a nifty little check sent to you by adsense. Bukisa, Natural News, and Article Income are three sites that use Adsense to pay their contributors rather than pay them directly that I know of, but there is probably more.

      When I come to visit my brother Richard and his wife Beth I plan on it. My brother used to have a radio station, or maybe still does.


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