Fear And Worry – Overcoming Dark Times

Fear and worry

Fear and worry are paralysing. When you hit rock bottom, it’s like the end of the world. We could say it’s when we lose something or someone close to us; a job, a family member, money, health.  It fills us with tremendous pain, fracturing our connection with life. But there are ways to overcome fear and worry.

For me and my wife, we can’t really say when it started. Maybe when I lost my brother in 2010 or when my grandfather passed away. It was definitely apparent when our art business collapsed at the start of the year. We had no idea that our precious art, handmade over a span of 10 years, would go up in flames and be completely destroyed in a matter of hours. We lost over 50 works of art along with art materials and other valuables. It was our main stream of income and it had all gone.

Very quickly, we were faced with the prospect of becoming homeless. We would spend nights staring at the ceiling, worrying about our future, fearing the worst. We had to find a solution and quickly.

Often, when we’re facing difficulties, we fail to see beyond the problem. All we see is a mountain-sized struggle. We become blinded by the issue. It’s only when we think beyond the problem, tackling it from a different angle that the journey of overcoming fear and worry begins.

Despite the massive drawback, we soon realised that we were stronger and more resilient than we originally thought. Ideas seemed to pop out of nowhere, the mind clinging to life with all it could muster.

Writing through the dark times

Earlier on, I’d started a content writing business (www.milanbakrania.com) in addition to my own writing projects. It was something on the side which I wasn’t really promoting. Writing had always been an extension of my being; like another limb reaching out into the world. Even through art, I was weaving a narrative on canvas. When the you-know-what hit the fan, I decided to tell people about what I was doing, putting myself out there, emailing existing clients, posting on various social media groups and talking to friends and family. With a background in science, technology, art and health/wellness, it was important to let people know that I could adapt my writing style to their business model, whether it was to refresh a company website, produce marketing materials or compile a workshop booklet.

I would love to say that our situation changed overnight. But it hasn’t. Some days I receive work, other days go by without a single response. However, I’ve managed to open new doors by simply approaching the problem from a different angle and using the skills that I already have. It’s all about adapting with a calm mind to overcome pain and worry before it overwhelms you.

Fear and worry – An opportunity to grow

We live in a world where mental health issues are on the rise, especially in cities. Despite the increasing population, people are feeling more and more isolated and fearful. With our situation, we found it helpful to speak to someone, to share the pain. If you’re suffering, we’d recommend reaching out to a neighbour, friend, family member or even a helper at your local shop. There’s a tendency among us to hide behind a mask, displaying a false persona to the world. But struggle isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s an opportunity to grow. Open up and listen out for feedback. Learn and evolve. You never know, there could be a solution in the stranger’s words. It’s also important to reconnect with nature. Everyone needs fresh air, trees and sunshine. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most effective. When you feel down, there’s nothing better than a visit to a park or a walk in the garden. Also, art in its many forms allows you to turn pain into something beautiful. Sometimes writing something down or expressing on canvas has the same effect as speaking to someone.

Finally, it is said that faith is truly tested when the pocket is empty. Having lived through a time without sufficient food, my wife and I can’t stress enough the importance of faith. Whether you light a candle, read from scripture or simply believe in your own abilities, it doesn’t matter. As long as that primal urge to evolve is rekindled every single morning, you’ll find new ways out of the pit.

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This is guest article on Fear and Worry from the amazing and talented Milan Bakrania.

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