Frame Your Mind Into A Frame Of Mind

Not everyone would agree that we are under the influence of some force or another pretty much 24 hours a day. Whether the influencing force be television, radio, newspapers, books, sounds, other people, etc, our 5 senses are taking in so much information that it is no wonder that there is so much confusion in the world today. In NLP it is said that we take in 2million bits of information every second but we filter that down to approximately 134 bits.

In this article, it is not my intention to blame all these forces, and neither should you, but when you begin to realise how much certain things do influence us, then you more consciously and pro-actively begin to choose your biggest spheres of influence.

On Tuesday morning, I went out for my morning walk as usual and for some strange reason I had severe trouble focussing my thoughts. “The Force” was not strong within me that day! 😛 I had read a particular article which was not a very nice article and was very critical of a particular belief system. Normally these things don’t get to me but for some reason this particular article did. While I was walking my thoughts were racing everywhere! I was angry, I wanted retribution, and lets just say that totally destroyed the purpose of my morning walk. By the time I got back I was totally drained which is in contrast to how I usually feel because quite simply being focussed on something so negative totally drained me. Then, I got even more frustrated and angry with myself because I’d wasted those 45 minutes in a non productive way…what a vicious cycle to fall into! 😆

Because I found it quite difficult to shift my attention to anything else I decided that before I got ready for work I was going to read something positive. (It was without the intention to shift my focus, but when I realised how much it did, it only strengthened my belief in this subject even more so!)

I ended up reading this article that totally changed my mindset for the entire day!! The weird thing was, that the article was something that I wasn’t in total agreement with, but it got me buzzing with some new thoughts and ideas and suddenly, without even realising it, I’d totally forgotten about the other article and all I could think about was what I had just read. My whole body changed. I literally felt totally energised in a big way compared to how I was feeling 20 minutes earlier. While I was in the shower I came up with so many new ideas about the Universe, energy, and choice that I was almost ready to jump out in the middle and go write some of those ideas down.

What became more apparent to me than anything else was the contrasting effects that both those articles had on me. I knew that these things do influence us but I never realise that it was to this degree and intensity! I know that we are all unique and get influenced to varying degrees, but just imagine, if it had this level of impact on me, just these two articles, then how much do we get influenced all the tabloid media? How much do we get influenced by the the violence on T.V.? How much do we get influenced by glossy images in magazines? It may not be on a conscious level, but subconsciously, to what level are we being affected?

This is why it’s important to frame your mind with things that are empowering and uplifting! Not just through reading or listening to positive material. But also through time spent with oneself in solitude to build that resistance to all the crap that get thrust upon us all time! All the negative rubbish that’s out there is almost like a disease but there’s no one particular vaccine that can prevent you from catching the disease but what you can do is strengthen your immune system.

Takes your jabs regularly.

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  1. Fleming says:

    Amit, your post is perfectly timed for me because I have been thinking for a couple of days about the importance of feeding our psyches only healthy things. A wise teacher I know wrote something he calls “The List”, which are principles for spiritual advancement. High on the list is the advice to read and watch and listen only to things which will have a beneficial effect. He’s more specific, but you know what he means. For example, watching TV news or reading newspapers is guaranteed to pollute the mind and spirit. Listening to Mozart and Beethoven is guaranteed to advance the spirit. Our hardest job in this current world is to avoid the terrible stuff that bombards us day in and day out . . . as you’ve implied.

    Thank you for the helpful post.

  2. Amit says:

    Hey Fleming,

    I’m glad that it was timed just right for you. It was also perfectly timed for me too when it happened.

    As much as you can never totally filter out everything, you can take some control over what goes in and out and that’s the most important thing. 🙂

    Great to hear from you!

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