I Would Like Some Feedback From You

On my 100 days of wisdom project. 🙂

I can’t believe I’m already nearing day 50 and I’ve haven’t even exhausted 1/10th of my ideas as yet…not even close!!

I decided to begin this out of the blue because I wanted to find a good way of channelling all the ideas I have that go through my head. I love blogging, but before I started the 100 days project I was only blogging about once a week and I was struggling because I didn’t have focus. The 100 days project gave me something to focus on and I absolutely love doing it! Either at the beginning of the day or just before I go to bed, I go up to my computer and let the ideas roll in and I base my wisdom post on usually the first idea or thought of wisdom that comes to mind.

I would love to hear whatever feedback you have to offer me regarding the 100 days of wisdom. Do you enjoy the posts? Are you a regular reader? Do you think they’re a waste of time? Any feedback will be received gratefully.

I have to say though, I’m truly enjoying doing it and once I’ve finished this 100 days of wisdom, I was thinking of starting a new 100 days of ???? project. I have some ideas already:

1) 100 days of meditation
2) 100 days of the driving ‘ologies – (Also a book I’m writing)
3) 100 days of my stories
4) 100 days of SOS’s (Simple Obvious Strategies)
5) 100 days of inspiring acronyms
6) 100 days of poems (This one will be a challenge)
7) 100 days of love
8) 100 days of zen
9) 100 days of spiritual humour (So will this one!)
10) 100 days of cosmic ordering

I know some of these are bizarre, some would be a big challenge, some would be fun to try. Some I may even fail on and might not be able to carry on for the whole 100 days. Who knows though, the possibilities are endless, some I may even turn into best selling books! 😛

I would love to hear from you though, so please, if you’ve never posted before, introduce yourself and give me the gift of your feedback.

In gratitude,

8 Responses

  1. kavikim says:

    Amu – i think you have the potential to do all of those and more! People looove reading your blogs – its a source of inspiration and a well needed drink for the soul. I read your articles and stories as though they were daily horoscopes, as im sure others do! Sharing your knowledge is a blessing – keep doing it, and keep striving to be the best you can be through it – Love, light, blessings and love – Kav 🙂

  2. Amit Sodha says:

    Thank you kavikim, thank you for acknowledging the blog and all the work that goes into it, you truly inspire me too to write more and keep the new ideas flowing!! 🙂

  3. shashi kumar says:

    Really wonderful way I found to convince our own self for something every time we make plan and that runes due to procrastination habit and it so deeply I am not able to remove. .. A days weeks years passed but result Zero.
    Now i must follow your fabulous idea to keep my self awaken as well as keep eye on my movements.
    I would prefer to start

    1. 100 Days Disciplined Life… Without Procrastination.

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