Jamie And His New Wheelchair

Earlier this year I decided to raise money for Jamie by running the London Marathon. I’d met Jamie in January and I instantly felt like I wanted to do something for him. You can read more about Jamie and how I met him here.

When I first started to raise money I had no idea the momentum it would gather.

The new chair Jamie required would cost around £18,000 and so I set my target page to £2000. It managed to capture some media attention and by the end the final tally was a whopping £5k. (The cost of the chair had risen to £20,000)

His parents worked tirelessly to raise the rest and so before they knew it they had enough to purchase the chair he required.

Saturday was the first time I saw him in his new chair and he just looked over the moon! The new chair is like the Mercedes Benz of wheelchairs. You wouldn’t believe a chair would change the quality of his life so much but the severity of his condition meant that a bigger chair with more features was a necessity.

The amount of gadgets on the chair makes my BMW look like a Robin Reliant! Look at the picture…it has headlights and alloy wheels! 😆

Close to the time of running the marathon I nearly gave up the whole idea. Now I’ve seen the fruit of the effort it just reminded exactly how much it was worth it.

I now feel like this was just the first in a long line of people I want to help more than just on a coaching level.

The same goes for you. Believe! If there’s something more you want to do beyond yourself, then do it! If a couch potato like me can, you DEFINITELY can!

What are you waiting for? Go make a difference to someone’s life!

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