A New Year With A Life Resolution

Hello and a very happy new year to you! 2014 is here and I know in my life there is still so much I would like to be, do and have.

How about you? Are you feeling right now like there’s a thousand things you could change about your life?

I think many of the past philosophers had it wrong when they said, life is a journey, not a destination. I believe with every ounce of my being that life is both the journey and destination.

One without the other is like day without night; it just doesn’t work.

This year I invite you to think beyond the new year and think about your life. I invite you to invest in one resolution for life. This is, a resolution that will stay with you until the day you die.

Instead of just thinking about the short term, think about your whole existence. If there is one thing you could master in your life what would be it be?

My life resolution is a very simple one and you can use that as perhaps a guide to find your own. Mine is to see my true value.

So often in my life I’ve doubted my abilities and lacked the self belief that I had what it took to make real my hearts dreams and desires.

No more!

Now, I know that I have everything I need and I’ve always had within me everything I’ve ever needed. I’ve begun to realise exactly what it is that I possess and what it is worth.

Sure, there is plenty for me to learn, and I understand the learning will never end, however what is there is valuable and worth so much.

Over to you. What about you? What is truly important to you? If there is something in your life right now you wish you could master and take control of, what would that be? What would it mean to you if you could take absolute control over it?

Have you thought of something? If not, don’t worry, finding the thing is half the battle and then once you realise it, you can then set about making the necessary changes that you need to.

This is not about putting pressure on yourself to live up to any expectations set by others or society. This is about addressing within you perhaps an area of yourself or life where you feel unfulfilled or a sense of dissatisfaction.

The feeling of being unfulfilled or dissatisfied is just feedback, nothing more. It’s just the deepest part of you sending you a message to provide you with clues.

Once you receive the message, will you act upon it?

Go ahead, just do it. Act on it and take up this invitation, set a resolution for life.

8 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    Hi Amit, I wish you a Happy New Year & thanks for your inspiring New Years post. That’s actually a very interesting New Year’s resolution – to learn see ones true value – I would never had thought about this, but I’m excited to include it on my list for 2014 – thanks a lot.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hi Robert, a very happy new year to you too!

      Am very glad to hear that was useful to you and that you’ve added it to your list. Realising your own value is so important I feel. I really hope it proves to be of as much value to you as it is to me!

      Wishing you all the best!


  2. kabamba says:

    Such an amazing post Amit. Good Job.

  3. Mike says:

    I wish i could be better in saying no to people, i have to work on that! I think that life is a journey with a lot of small destinations and directions, Thanks for a good post!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Mike…I love that one! People often think of ‘no’ as negative, but they couldn’t be more wrong!

      A very happy new year to you too and hoping to hear more from you in the future!


  4. Happy New Year Amit,

    May 2014 be your best year so far.

    Your friend,

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