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Hi Everyone! I’ve just sent out this message to all my friends on email, but the same goes to you too, please do sponsor me, the money all goes to good causes!!!

Good afternoon to you all on this glorious sunny day! You’re all looking so well and in fact, did I mention how radiant you all looked the last time I saw you?……nah…it’s no good…I can’t lie…it’s that time of year and I’m just after your money!! I thought a compliment might ease the blow!

Some of you will remember that last year I ran the JPMorgan Corporate Challenge run which was 5.6km and I finished it in about 40 mins. Thanks to you all I managed to raise a whopping £330 which all when the Unicef charity specifically assisting children in Cambodia. I just want to say thanks again for all your support and donations, it meant a great deal. I even still have the banner which my beautiful friend PJ kindly made for me and was waving around at the park!!! (Even the radio commentators saw it and were saying “Go Amit” apparently!) (Thanks again PJ and to the rest of you that came down that day!!!) (However I am expecting another banner this year PJ!) 😛

It’s come around again and this year once again I’ll be running with my work team and this year we’re all fundraising for UNICEF together. So if you would like to sponsor the team then here is the link that you can go to and make your donation online! –

The event takes place on Wednesday the 11th of July in Battersea Park from 6pm onwards. Last year some of you came down and as promised I allowed you all to hurl abuse at me while I was running and throw tomatoes at me, the offer remains open, I know that some of you have been wanting to do that to me for years…so now’s your chance!

Right…that’s the first one out of the way, Now the second one! I’m also going to running the 10K Bupa Great Capital Run on the 15th of July at Hyde Park. For this event I’m going to be raising money for Help a London Child (HALC). I’m just waiting for my pack to come through but you also more than welcome to sponsor me for this event too! (c’mon, I hear those pockets and purses rustling with notes and jingling with coins just waiting to be lightened!) Once I get the details I’ll pass then onto you but please feel free to start making your pledges now!

Also it would be great to catch up with some of you so make sure you come down and hook up with me after the run for a nice slap up meal with plenty of fatty stuff and deserts!….C’mon, you wouldn’t want a cuddly teddy bear like me turning into a stick would you? 😆

Like I said, please try and make it down to either one of the events if you can, put it in your diary’s now! It would great to catch up and what more fun can you have than watching a lard butt like me drag his sorry excuse for donut belly around a 10k circuit! 😛

In fact, whle writing this I’ve just had an idea! There’s about 300 of you on this mailing list, If I can get just £500 in sponsorship for the BUPA run, I’ll do it in costume! C’mon that’s only £2 each!!

What costume is up to you, but I’ll make a couple of suggestions…at some point or another I’ve had one of these as a nickname so here goes – 1) Mr Blobby 2) A TellyTubby 3) Pumba from the Lion King. The choice is yours!

What do you say?

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