The London Marathon

Yesterday I sent in my application form for the London Marathon. The London Marathon is a 26.2 mile running race around London which will take place next April and since I only have 8 months to train for it I’m going to be focusing a large portion of my energy and thoughts in that area.

I have never undertaken such a big personal challenge in my life and that is why this is so important to me. I’ve set myself this challenge because I want to effect a huge amount of change in my life because my past habits and tendencies led to me being incredibly lazy and in a poor physical condition. I realised last year that if I didn’t change my ways that my body was about to pay the price, I could literally feel diabetes, among other things, creeping up on me!

Last month I managed a 3.5 mile fun run for charity and that was a huge milestone for me in terms of improving my overall health and getting my body into shape.

Now that I’ve sent off this application, I ask that you help enhance my intention and give my chances a little bit of an extra boost. The other reason for posting this up is to make a public commitment. I know that the more people that I tell about this…the more people will hold me to it and push me forward in this endeavour.

Wish me success!

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  1. serenity says:

    Wonderful, Amit. What an awesome commitment you are making to yourself to achieve something this big. I am sending you all of the most positive, encouraging thoughts for your training and for the marathon. Keep us posted!!!!

  2. Amit says:

    Hey Serenity!

    Thank you for that, I’ll put up regular updates on my progress and keep you posted. 🙂

  3. Ross says:

    Hello buddy

    I did the London marathon in 2004 for exactly the same reasons as you – and believe it or not – I was probably less fit than you are at this point!

    You gotta go for it dude and make training your life because you will never lose the addiction to exercise that you will get from this!


  4. Amit says:

    I will do my best Ross….the odd thing was though, I was speaking to my running partner on Wednesday eve…he asked if I was ready to begin running again and I felt like my knee was ready…but I played badminton that eve and as soon as I finished my knee was hurting again. I wonder if it was just psychosomatic?! 😛

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