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I’ve always said that that only way to know something is to try for yourself? Be honest, how many times have you made a judgement about something or someone without actually knowing anything about the person or thing you’re judging? C’mon, be honest! 😉

We’re all guilty of it and so that is why I’ve brought fourth this weekly focus point and that is to try for yourself and see! If there is anything you’ve made any kind of judgement about without actually knowing for yourself now is the time to try it and see!

I’m trying something out for myself as a 30 day trial and I’ll be blogging about it shortly.

Think about what you’ve made judgements on and ask yourself where those judgements came from, did they come from hearsay? It’s like a movie review. You might read a review of a movie and base your whole decision on not going to see that movie but who knows; you might actually love it!

Think about a time when you judged an activity and then finally got around to trying it yourself and realising it that it’s what had been missing from your life all along!

Think about what else you could be missing out on because you listened to the judgements of others and in turn have made snap judgements of your own. That mindset can leave you closed minded and as a result you may miss out on some of the most beautiful things life has to offer. Open your mind to new things and try things out for yourself. Close your ears to the judgements of others and allow your inner voice to be the dominant force for your destiny.

As always let me know what new things you’ve decided to try. Post your results here!

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  1. Wilson says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the inspiration! I look forward to meeting you!

    All the best,

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