Video – How To Solve Any Puzzle In Life

Welcome to my latest video blog on how to solve any puzzle in life. It was quite a challenge to do this video as I had to multi-task; something the male species are generally poor at! 😆

It was difficult to focus on what I was saying as well as solve the Rubik’s cube at the same time.

Like a Rubik’s cube, all of life’s puzzles, problems and challenges can be solved by following a series of algorithms. When you remember the algorithm it can be applied multiple times to a whole host of different circumstances that you will encounter.

Enjoy the video!

Key Points

1. Once you hit the point of rational thinking i.e., you have gone beyond the blur of rage or chastising yourself, then you can being to ask the questions that matter like “how did this happen?” or “Did I do something wrong or was it a genuine error?”

2. You can then ask yourself how to get beyond what happened. How did it serve you? When you understand that then you’ll move beyond it.

3. Finally when all the pieces have come together you’ll be at point where should it ever arise again you’ll feel familiar with the steps and be at a stage of almost unconscious competence.

And Finally…

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube but have never been able to here’s a great site which shows you how, step by step.

You probably won’t get it the first few times but with practice and patience you will get there. Just keep persisting and you will get to a point where you will almost be able to do it blindfolded. After that you might even feel ready to take on the challenge of the almighty 7x7x7 cube! :-O I’m off to Ebay to try and find one!

Photo credit: mercredis

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  1. Topi says:

    Hi Amit,
    I have never been able to solve the Rubik’s cube! I bought my eldest son one recently, and I can get it to a certain stage (yes, yes, I know it’s his not mine, but he still hasn’t learned the importance of continuing to grow through challenges…) but no further. You’ve inspired me to push on, and get better. Oh, and I get the analogy to life…
    Topi 😉

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Topi, awww that’s great that you bought one for your son and there’s no reason why you can’t play with it too. It’s like anything in life, once you learn the formula, we ask ourselves, what did I have to be afraid of, the truth is absolutely nothing.

  2. Roman Soluk says:

    Very nice and helpful tips, Amit!

    Your blog is one of my favorite. Really interesting articles. Thank you for them! 😉

  3. Milan Bakrania says:

    Hey bro,
    Thanks for these concise and simple tips. Once you hit the stage of rational thought, it’s smooth sailing all the way…I believe that’s when problems and puzzles transform into exciting challenges!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Indeed bro. I saw your brother on Saturday. It was really good connecting with him after such a long time. He gave me the details of the art exhibition, very exciting times for you!

      • Milan Bakrania says:

        Excellent! The exhibition is going to be off-the-hook…fingers crossed!…Just busy living my dreams! : )

  4. Angela Artemis says:

    That was amazing. I’ve never had the patience to do the Rubix cube or any puzzle for that matter. I’ve always relied more upon flashes of insight to guide me.

    I do appreciate how you’ve laid you the rational sequence to follow to solve problems in our lives though. And, that we do need to learn from our mistakes as that’s how we grow.

    Thank you for this terrific post.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hi Angela, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. it still never ceases to amazing me the mental prowess of the people who create such amazing things. It’s like anything in nature too. The creation of a tree or an intricate flower. They are all interrelated.

  5. rob white says:

    Hi Amit,
    Bravo. What a great blog today! You may want to consider doing all your blogs while solving a rubiks cube… it is quite mesmerizing :). It really is a great metaphor. With the right perspective and a rational approach life’s greatest challenges can solved. We can all expect hurdles on our path through life… but there is no reason to add our own hurdles by piling on disarming thoughts.

  6. Charly Palmer says:

    I just discovered today your interesting blog! such good tips! thank you!

  7. Baker says:

    Hey Amit,
    Dude, that rubix cube was so hard for me as a child. But I really appreciate your description of how that rational mind works with success. You continue to write and make valuable and entertaining content!

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Tell me about it! I remember my brothers and sister used to be able to do it and now in my 30’s I’ve only just learned. It’s funny it was just one of those things I had to cross off my list of things to do before I die! 🙂

  8. Hi Amit. This is a very creative video/post. I love the idea of using this challenging puzzle to express the need for being patient, persistent, and open for learning when facing difficult times.

  9. Sibyl - alternaview says:

    Amit: Great post and you are definitely a great multi-tasker that you were able to deliver this while you worked on solving the rubiks cube. I thought what you said in the post was really helpful information. I especially thought your point about getting to a place where you are calm and rational and have a fresh perspective was important because it really allows you to respond in the best manner possible. It is all about getting to that point where answers come and sometimes you can overlook good solutions if you are not calm and rational. Thanks for sharing all the great insights and entertaining us with the rubiks cube.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Sibyl, Thank you so much for your comments and thoughts. It’s so true because when I allow myself the time to bet to the point of being rational I always find I’m so much better equipped to handle life’s little curve balls much better!

  10. Justin Dupre says:


    Awesome post! This is a really good way at looking at challenges and problems in front of you. A series of algorithms or formulas to solve any puzzle in life. Great stuff bro! Thanks for such great tips.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey Justin, thank you for commenting. There are so many areas where this could apply. For example there are so many points where I’ve wanted to give up blogging but I’ve fought through and worked how to keep moving a level up.

  11. And, may I add, realize that challenges are a part of life. You will never eliminate them and make your life problem free. But you can manage them effectively of you use your head.

  12. Phil - Less Ordinary Living says:

    Amit –

    Final proof you are a genius – I’ve never been able to solve that damn cube, and usually just take it apart and rebuild it. Seriously – some very clear steps to take on challenges and get past them. I always say that the best learning comes from facing and overcoming failures and obstacles. Very nice video post – well done!


    • Amit Sodha says:

      Thanks Phil and there was one important key I forgot to mention to everyone and that is to take note of the formula because when you do you have something to refer to the next time. (P.S. thanks for sharing that Dan Pink video!)

  13. hi,

    Good work, and goos points
    life is almost a puzzle, recommended to read this, you can solve your puzzle of life


  14. I am interested in solving all puzzles, riddles and mysteries but have never much got interested in rubick’s cube so far. Zenguy is good in it and tries to beat his own score! (at least he is best compared to me) I will have to share the site with him and see. Are you good in it?

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