5 Ways to Achieve Success Today


Editors Note: This is a fantastic guest post by Aimee Halpin of The Burned Hand

According to Amram Scheinfield, an expert on genetics, “In all the history of the world there was never anyone exactly else exactly like you, and in all the infinity of time to come, there will never be another.”

  1. Your attitude is yours to master. Think back to the number of times you let someone else control how you react. Stop. Think. And observe. We skip right over observing and start reacting. I know I have done it too. When we become the watchers of our words, they are truly ours.
  2. Start journaling positive thoughts and affirmations daily. This one practice has actually led me to help women in my circle of friends. We get together and journal about our lives and I love seeing what they are working on. It’s a positive step for them to let me into the unknown fears of their hearts and I treasure this moment spent with my friends all working on improving our thoughts.
  3. Strengthen your mind by replacing negatives with positives. I am constantly at war with myself on this one. I have to re-direct my thoughts. I don’t use the word “gossip”, but I instantly know if I can trust someone or not. That does color my thoughts a bit, so I try to find the good in them. I am about being open and honest though, so if they are not as transparent as I am, or operate on a very negative level, it does make me limit my time with such people. I replace with positives to lift me up!
  4. Live in gratitude. I say thank you as I wake up. It was not an overnight practice, and I had to journal that I wanted to start my morning with only happy, appreciative thoughts. I wrote down how I wanted to feel in the morning and then woke up that way or did something to help me re-align to the feeling I wanted first thing!
  5. Own up to your mistakes. Does this one make you feel bad and like a 6-year-old? “Not me!!” Yup. Well, once you take over that control from Mr. Notme, and you own up to the crappy, ridiculous things you might have done and/or said in the past, remember, each day is new. We are living in this moment. Not that one. This day can change our experiences, not yesterday or tomorrow. Own up and move on!

What we believe in our inner world, we start to project to the outer world and it becomes a reality. The happiest people of the world have the deepest sorrows sometimes, but it is in how we deal with them. We learn to create our reality from our routines and thoughts. If you have too much on your plate today, it is because you probably said yes to it. So let’s work on creating the success we want in our lives today! Clear some of those things off your “to-do” list and get them done or delegate. There is no time like the present to be who you always wanted to be when you grew up.

“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.”William Earnest Henley


Aimee Halpin is a former educator, mother, yoga teacher, wellness coach, and fighter of obscure diseases (namely her own). She has been fighting invisible diseases for 17 years. She started her blog https://theburnedhand.com to help others fight illness and still maintain hope. The blog took off and her Facebook page was born. You may visit her here: https://www.facebook.com/TheBurnedHand 3 years ago, she started a series of steps to help lose weight after being told that there was nothing anyone could do to help her so she started researching like a “mad woman” because she knew that there are always things that can be done if only you know where to look for answers. From this Vitalize You Wellness was born and her program 4 Weeks to Wellness.

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  1. Nelu Mbingu says:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips, Aimee!

    I’ve always wanted to keep a journal but somehow I always struggle to be consistent with my entries. It would be nice to have one though, so I can read back one day and see how my life has passed. I guess I should try harder.

    Great read!


  2. D'Andre McMillan says:

    I’ve been practicing some of these for a while now, and it helped to get the reminder. Thanks for making this an easy and useful read.


  3. D'Andre McMillan says:

    Thanks for providing good content in an easy to read format. I’ve been practicing these habits for some time, and it really helps to get this reminder.


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