How To Be A Rebel Personal Development Guru (Without A Cause)

Personal development can be a fickle world. One minute everyone is talking about goals, and the next everyone is saying don’t have goals – just live according to your moment to moment inspiration.

So my question to you is are you living according to your heart or the voices of all the writers, bloggers and personal development guru’s drowning out your own wisdom? Is your gut feeling being gutted out by information overload?

I’ve had the virus of listening to what others had to say, but listening to those voices created a virus within me. It was the virus of guilt. I felt like I had to do what I was being told in order to fit in with the crowd.

It stems from the playground mentality. The mentality of not wanting to the one left out. However, the person who thinks for themselves end up being the leader of the pack rather than a follower.

It’s not because they want to be the leader, but that their power of their natural ability to follow their own voice makes them naturally attractive to others.

Think for yourself. Make your own mind up. Don’t just follow the crowd, be a rebel who makes his/her own path.

Here are some examples of where I’ve made up my own mind.


There is a general consensus that one must wake up early. Why? I don’t necessarily agree. While I think there are health benefits to waking up early there are also drawbacks. Being locked in a routine often means that disruption from that routine can cause problems.

When I was in India for a month, I was only sleeping about 3 hours a night, and having a brief nap in the afternoon. Because I was flexible it didn’t affect me. I choose not to follow a set routine. Just think; if you are in set routine and suddenly you have to go away for a weekend to another country? How will that affect your routine?

Waking up naturally offers far more benefits and out weighs the pro’s of being an early riser. Sleep as much as you want and wake up when you want. If you want to set yourself a routine go for it.


I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life and a few years back I tried going vegan but I found it too difficult. So, I continued to eat small amounts of cheese but I mainly stuck to organic products. Then I realised that I really liked the taste of fish so I gave it a go!

“Omg, Amit, that’s blasphemy in the personal development world!” Yes, I know, so sue me!

I loved it but strangely, one day, I saw some sushi in a supermarket and it suddenly put me off fish. But last year I started eating it again. I find it helps, especially when training, to increase strength and make my joints more supple. I don’t eat it all the time, just occasionally when I feel like it.

I also went through a phase where I was only eating organic produce. Then, again while I was in India, I realised I didn’t have that luxury. I could only eat what was given to me. Because of my situation I even started drinking coffee just while I was there. I was a beggar and I couldn’t be a chooser.

Because I’d adopted a flexible attitude I didn’t mind. I didn’t chastise myself just because I broke the coffee vow I’d made four years prior.

Eat whatever you wish. Create your own diet plan that suits you.


Are you doing the sport you really want or are you doing the easy, yoga type, sports because that’s what you think you should be doing? Aggressive sports are not for our kind. Bull! You do whatever you want because you enjoy it.

I love badminton and it’s a sport filled with ego! Yet when my ego comes into play I am a better player. If my opponent has touched a nerve and has ignited my ego that makes me play that much harder!

I tried doing Tai Chi for a short time and it was in a park too. It was great but I realised it wasn’t for me. I didn’t enjoy it so I gave it up. Why do something you don’t enjoy? Be true to yourself and make sure you’re doing things you want to and not because you’re being told to.

Don’t lie to yourself, be true to your wishes and gut feelings.

What things have you done in the past because you thought you ‘should’ be doing them? Share you thoughts.

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  1. rob white says:

    Well said, Amit. I see a lot of people bouncing around like ping pong balls from one quick-fix to the next. It is wise to pick a philosophy and way that works for YOU and only YOU and stick with it.

  2. Christopher Kabamba says:

    I tried a vegetarian diet for about 29 days… and “failed” lamentably. I was not sure i REALLY wanted that …. at-least not now…. I still love the “steak”. 😀

  3. PN says:

    It was good article Amit. However in my opinion, too much freedom is also a virus. Like eating whatever I want, sleeping whenever I feel, getting up whenever I feel. If this continues, then no one can be disciplined enough to achieve their goals, as the ego develops like “I am always right in whatever I do”. I know this sounds little awkward to some, but I strongly believe the balance is required (do whatever you want, but ensure it is not going turn bad to either yourself or to others in your family/society). Though this could be little complex/confusion initially, but practice may overcome this.. Just my two cents..

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Hey PN,

      I understand where you’re coming from but you might have missed something. What I was saying is, sure, by all means have a goals, but your own goals. Goals that you’ve decided because you feel they’re right for you and not just because they’re a trend. If you want to wake up at 6am every day because that is a discipline you wish to impose on yourself, then go for it. Live it according to your own values and not just because it has become a trend.

  4. Milan Bakrania says:

    Your comments are so true! I’m a proud rebel! I do whatever I want. My health and wellbeing automatically reciprocate in a positive way. It’s true, if you lie to yourself and do things you don’t like then your body responds to this. Break the rules because…there are no rules! Thanks for this wicked article Amit!

  5. Roman Soluk says:

    Nice post, Amit! As for me I’m living according to my heart, but reading other bloggers, gurus etc. can also influence a bit my life.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Indeed Roman. I too used to get influenced because I felt I should be following what all the main players did but then I realised that it wasn’t necessary at all. It’s all about following my heart and finding my own path.

  6. I love your attitude Amit. I’ve always been a rebel, so I can totally relate to this. I don’t like being stuck in a box when it comes to diet, sleep, exercise self-help or anything else. It feels good to change your mind without the burden of guilt.

    Keep up the good work & keep enjoying life!!!

  7. Amie Sugat says:

    Thanks, I needed this. Everytime you post its like you read my mind first. its a bit scary at times.

    I have been an on and off vegetarian for years. usually to social pressure and family pressure I wind up eating meat. i feel sick afterwards, like i just got drunk. Nobody gets it. Vegetarianism feels right for me. I need to be a little more stalward when it comes to social pressures and lectures i get when i try to not eat whats put in front of me. I come from a family of mostly meat eaters, carnivores, and junk foodies.

    I’ve been vegan and it was great, except i have a hard time saying no to cheese pizza and a little fish now and again.

    I get the rest though, i have a lot of pressure to NOT be a writer and go get a “real” job. which to me is a smack on the face. I know they are trying to do the right thing, but working fast food just isnt my thing. I went to college for writing, it would be a shame to waste that eduction by going back to minimum wage jobs.

    i think happiness lays in following our heart with clear goals in mind and self determination and all that. personal development should be and is intended for encouragement and helping the masses realize their potential. once we know our path and potential, we merely need it for encouragement to follow our own mind and heart to reach those goals.

  8. ❤ Greetings..
    Amit Sodha Ji,

    Laconically.. No PERCEPTS`Without PRECEPT`
    ( No individualistic source of knowledge without disciplinary-learning.)

    Primarily, if we need to grow within self beyond all that had been mastered by us as our valued Perceptions, then discernible decipherability of the difference between the Perception & Knowledge is to be imbibed to imbue all colors to configure our understanding.

    Perception is what an individual feels a Right or Wrong. Knowledge is what is Correct, irrespective of what is right or wrong that is perceived by anyone individualistic.

    Knowledge at all levels of concerns make great difference to lead self to have an exquisite living of life in zest and zeal giving meaning to Livingfulness`. Whilst, ignorance, obstinacy and obscurity holds the individual in sphere of suffering unto ordeals. Wherefore, to have Knowledge, benefiting all of self to seek a mindful fruition for livingfulness, we at large must learn to earn self with an indisputable understanding that there is No THRIVE Without STRIVES.

    I feel your sourcing, here at this blog is one such path of consideration,
    God Bless You` ..Divine.
    Ever In Great Honor to Knowledge,

    With Courtesy …
    Good’Luck : Good’Time

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