Start FAFing Around

Occasionally, when I’m out with friends and we’re not sure what to do or, during a time when no one can decide what to do, people refer to that as “faffing” around. I checked for that word in the dictionary and I don’t think it has any meaning at all so I’m not aware of its origins, but I’ve decided to give it a new meaning. I’m going to start FAFing (or faffing) around a lot more, because FAF stands for

F = Focus
A = Act
F = Follow-Through

(Ok the last one is a bit of a cheat but who cares!)


So your first step is FOCUS! As Mr Miyagi from The Karate Kid always used to say: “Focus Daniel-sun, focus!” 😛

There are a few simple steps you must take in order to get your focus clear on what your outcome is.

1. The first, is KNOW your OUTCOME! – If you are absolutely clear about what you want then this step, on its own, is enough to launch yourself out of the starting blocks. A 100m runner always stays focused on the finish line. A basketball player will always focus on the basket, a great badminton player, (such as myself :lol:) always keeps their eyes focused on that shuttle cock! If your outcome is to make a £1million, why do you want £1million? To know is not enough, you must know why!

2. You HAVE TO get excited about your outcome. Create wonderful mini-movies in your mind about what you will do with that £1million and create a fun way that you are going to make it happen…even if it’s not a realistic one, create your mini-movie just as you choose! Remember, you are the director of your own life; you are the producer of your own life and the editor! YOUR movies are YOUR movies! So long as they’re exciting and stimulating for you, then you will more easily be able to move onto the “Action” portion of the process. The more exciting and fun it is, the better!

3. Write a mini-book about your outcome or say it out loud as if you are a radio announcer! This creates power! This creates an invisible energy within you that will attract the very thing you desire! It’s what I call, the FOCUS-POCUS, the magic that creates amazing things for you! Instead of singing in the shower, (many people have told me that I shouldn’t quit my day job to become a singer! :() talk like a radio show host and pretend to interview yourself about the success that you are going to achieve as if you already have!


We already covered some of the actions you must choose to take in order to begin the magic of creating what you want for your life. Now here are some imperative actions you should implement

1. Your focus is getting stronger with the above steps. But now you have to get off that donut-butt of yours and get you mind-body in shape. Firstly if your Outcome is to start a new business for example, websites and business cards won’t make themselves. Who cares if you don’t have a web designer yet? Start your plan now! Make a logo, what’s your brand image going to be? What’s your company tag line or motto? You can get all of this ready now! You don’t have to wait for the web space, designer or anything else; you can begin all this…..NOW!

2. Get all your contacts ready! Once again, taking the example of a new business, (but this can apply to anything else), you have to get in touch with those old friends that you haven’t spoken to since school. Get close to those people who you know you could exchange services with. Exchanging services is a great way to get things done quickly and cost effectively. I have a great deal with my car mechanic. He does everything on my car for free and I do all his computer work! Get in touch with these people now and get networking to make new contacts, join some social clubs, or maybe even dating organisations; you will make some fantastic contacts there!


Now you’ve begun, but momentum and steam tend to evaporate pretty quickly. If you leave water in a cup, in a couple of days, the water will be gone! You need to refill your cup!

1. Bang heads with friends and bounce ideas off one another. If you have a good circle of friends who you know will give you their honest opinions as well as give you constructive suggestions, you have a gold mine there! If you’re not already doing so, maybe arrange a poker game with them and use that social time to engage in discussion of ideas! You are at you most creative when you are having a good time! Just look at how quickly you come up with jokes when everyone is having a laugh; these things come to you so easily, so will new ideas if you’re with a good crowd and you all know how to have a good time! But follow through on those ideas, keep pushing them forward, chase up people, DO NOT rest until those things are done and dusted!

2. If someone doesn’t get in touch with you, get in touch with them! If someone is holding back the chain of events of getting to your outcome, drop them and find someone else! It’s harsh but simple; you have no choice because “THIS IS YOUR LIFE!” That funky red book that they hand to those nutty celebrities celebrating their lives. You have created that for yourself and it isn’t going to happen waiting on others. YOU MUST maintain your momentum and increase by exercising those muscles and jumping those hurdles. If you hit a hurdle, you momentum does get affected but you can easily get up and gain that momentum again if at that moment you remember you OUTCOME! REMEMBER also WHY you are doing this and for what purpose for your own life.

Enjoy the process, Make it fun for you and make it fun for those assisting in creating the delicious life OUTCOMES that you have chosen! Every day, remind yourself of your outcome, immerse yourself in it but if you ever find yourself burdened by the process then take a step back and remember why you began this journey! EMOTIONALISE YOUR OUTCOME so strongly within yourself that the moment you think of it, you feel that beautiful tingle of excitement about your dreams!

There you have it, become and FAFfer and start doing loads of FAFing! (faffing)

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  1. Michelle says:

    Great post, Amit….though I have to admit the fear of failure still paralyses me on the follow-through. Have read a zillion ways to get over it, it still gets over on me. 🙁 Considering what I just wrote about struggle on teh “It wasn’t meant to be….” thread, I have to wonder if I’m on the right road, but I have plans for contacts after I head south for the winter…we’ll see how it goes.

  2. kavikim says:

    ……focus daniel son….focus!!!!

    Dude – that had me in stiches!!! he hehe!

    Right i’m gonna start FAFing around at work from now on….imagine what my boss will say!!! He he he!

    Thank you amit, for another pearl from the ol wisdom chest!

  3. Amit says:

    Hey Michelle,

    When I was at the Tony Robbins seminar, there a thing that he said about fear, and demonstrated, that really stuck with me. He said “don’t try and break free of fear, as you will always be the one who loses, instead, dance with your fear”

    In terms of applying that priciple, I guess what he was trying to say was, that whenever you feel fear, remember it’s a good thing, a way of knowing that we are about to stretch ourselves to new levels.

    Everyone feels fear, heck I feel fear coming into work every day! 😛 but then I remember why I am doing what I am doing for my grander purpose.

    I haven’t read your other post yet but I will read over it and give you my feedback,


  4. Amit says:

    Kavi, spread the FAFing philosophy around the office, remember…..

    “eye….always look eye!” 😆


  5. Hueina says:

    Amit: Great post! I love the FAF acronym — you’re very creative, and it’s aligned with the coaching process too. These are the same steps I help clients go through to achieve their goals. And I agree that you can’t overcome your fear by running away from it. You have to acknowledge it and totally live it, like you said, see it as what it is — a great opportunity to grow & transform ourselves.


  6. Amit says:

    Hey Hueina, can I firstly just say what an unusual but beautiful name you have! 🙂

    What you said about fear is so true! A thought occured to me the other day:

    “A challenge is not a challenge without some fear. A challenge without fear is a lie unto itself. If we never felt fear we wouldn’t experience the contrast emotion of success on the other side”

    Thank you for your kinds words and I look forward to conversing more with you in the future! 😀


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