Starting From Scratch? The Surefire Way To Begin Any Life Project And Finish It!

Starting From Scratch

So many clients tell me that they begin a project, and then very often it will falter, almost before it has even begun. Most of the time they fail from the get go. Starting from scratch can be tough, but if you want to do it the right way, there are methods to ensure you increase your chances of starting and finishing them.

After all, one of the worst things is having an idea or desire and leaving it incomplete or unfulfilled. To put it another way, I don’t believe anyone is short on ambition. The big difference is between those who don’t follow through, and those who make it happen!

Ask yourself to honestly answer, which bracket you fall into? Do you have wonderful ideas but never do anything about them? Do you begin projects but never see them through? Or are you one of the few actually follow through and smash their goals!

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To this day, I’ve not met a single person without a brilliant idea. The ideas are extensive and range from simple things like losing weight to starting a new business. We all have those bursts of inspiration. Those moments where we think to ourselves ‘that’s a great idea’. It’s only a small portion of people who decide to follow through turn that idea into reality.

Out of the people who take that first step, only a few will see it through until the end. The key is they made a start. Doing so hugely increased their chances of successfully implementing the idea.

So why is it some succeed where others fail? What is the secret of those who managed to start something and finish it? How come those people manage repeated success and others repeated failure?

(I always insert the caveat that success and failure are relative and mean different things to everyone.)

Starting From Scratch

We don’t always fully acknowledge what we’re capable of achieving in the space of a few ours or even just 20 minutes of focused attention. Even more importantly, is the understanding and practical approach in how to manage anything when starting from scratch to maximise the chances of success.

My advice to anyone taking on a challenge or project from the beginning is to formulate a process that works for you. That is, try some different methodologies that suit your learning and patterns. But most importantly, learn what is driving you? Why are you doing this in the first place? It’s always the ‘why’ which drives us and keeps us going over and above any motivational tool or technique. To find the secret sauce ‘source’ of internal motivations and you will unlock the mechanism that will keep you in it, and going for the long haul.

Your Cheat Sheat – Starting From Scratch

Although we are all very individualistic, these are tried and tested tools to help you get your project or endeavour off the ground, to ensure it keeps moving forward.

1. Being overwhelmed creates what is known as ‘inertia’.

It will slow and weigh you down if the task ahead is huge and poses a burden. The solution? Chunk things down. Dissect the big end goal into bite-size portions. For example: Starting a new business? Start with some of the menial tasks and do them one by one like registering your company and getting a company bank account.

This way you’re not looking to scale an entire mountain, but say, reach the first base-camp. This method will do wonders to keep your energy high and make sure you celebrate each one. Remeber Pavlovs dogs? Reward yourself and you’ll be back for more.

2. The human brain typically is not wired to work in the way that most people think.

It’s been proven that it works best in short bursts. In a typical working day of 8 hours at an office, most people would only be productive for 3 hours. Factor that in when doing your tasks. Time-box a distraction free 30 minutes, and you will be amazed at what you will achieve in that time.

When I’ve been totally focused I’ve achieve more in the space of 30 minutes than I do in a typical day. I also find that 30 minutes automatically lead to an additional 30 minutes. This is because I will be ‘in the zone’ or in that flow. So put aside those distractions and conduct a short intensive work-sprint.

3. Remind yourself of your ‘why’.

If you’ve decided to write a book for instance, do you recall the reason the desire was ignited within you to write it? Remind yourself of the reason daily. Don’t just invoke it on an intellectual level. Feel it! Really feel the energy of the reason behind your idea.

Remind yourself of your ‘why’ frequently and use that as the main tool to raise your energy for the task ahead. Remember to use the ‘real’ reason and not one you would like to have. For example, if you want the limelight, remember that. If your goal is to help people as much as you can, keep remembering that! Don’t use the reason you ‘think’ is the right one, only the one that is and feels right!

These powerful hacks are applicable to an entire spectrum of life projects. The challenge is to do the thing you know you should do, when you know you should be doing it.

So, when starting from scratch for any life project, if you want to maximise your chances of starting up, continuing and of course, completing them, this is the way you go!

Over to you now? Do you have any methods to keep you going? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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