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It’s been an absolutely manic couple of days at work. Unfortunately we got hit by the W32/Opanki.worm virus which affected many of our servers and computers at work that had yet to be patched correctly. Thankfully though, we’ve now managed to get it all under control and with a bit of TLC our servers and computers are well again! 🙂

The virus got me thinking though. It got me thinking about viruses that affect humanity. I’m not talking about the common cold, or the flu, I’m talking about the human mind. When I talk about viruses of the human mind, I’m talking about negative images, thoughts and words that are spread which ultimately create a result that we do not desire. Just a quick flick through the tabloids and papers will give a good indication of peoples thoughts are directed. Or does it? Is it actually, the other way around? Are those words and images being printed creating and stirring feelings within us that affect the way we think and feel? I truly think it is the latter and it is with that I have consciously decided to keep steer myself away from those things.

I picked up a tabloid paper recently and I found that my physiolgy and emotional state changed in accordance with what I was reading! That was the first time, I consciously felt those sorts of changes, I actually felt the various chemical reactions going off in my body…what does that say about the things being written about?

I don’t want to close myself off completely from what is going on in the world. Nope, that wouldn’t be just as counter productive as those things ruling my life. What I now do is I very briefly watch the news in the mornings and I have an extremely quick skim through the headlines of the newspapers in the canteen at work in the mornings. I do this to stay informed of events around the globe. For those events might require my attention at a later stage. Someone may ask my opinion, and for that, I may have a valid and constructive one to offer. It’s important to keep abreast of current affairs but i think it is unwise to be overwhelmed by events to the point where is creates stress within me because it makes me less productive.

Because I’ve reduced the amount of attention that I’ve given to t.v., newspapers etc, I’ve found that I’m much more able to focus my thoughts and attention in the area that I choose. Recently I did an experiment on seeing all humans as angels and had interesting results. More recently I’ve been creating and guiding my thoughts towards creating more abundance in my life and again I’ve had some very interesting results!

To conclude, I would say to anyone, stay informed, but don’t be overwhelmed. The feeling of being overwhelmed acts like a virus, it spreads not only through your being but to the others around you.

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  1. Prasanna says:

    Well Im not sure if I might agree to your post! There is information everywhere whether you like it or not you are always overwhelmed by the loads and loads of information! Just by shying away from current affairs wont keep you focused – whats important is to understand and differentiate what is required to what is not required. All of us make choices in our life to what we want to be, if you think you will fail yes you will fail, make the right choice’s and you will be focused!

  2. Amit says:

    Hi Prasanna, it’s a pleasure to have you stop by and I wholeheartedly appreciate your comments and thoughts.

    I think I didn’t convey my sentiments exactly as I had hoped so let me see if I can clarify this for you. The thing is, entirely agree with everything you said, After all, that’s exactly what the power of choice philosphy is about.

    The one thing would disagree with is that I believe that I haven’t shied away from anything, I still am completely up to date with current affairs. However, I’ve reduced the amount of “time” I spend reading through the papers and listening to the news. For the more time I am watching the news on t.v., reading the newspapers, etc, the less time I am actually spending helping myself and others through my actions.

    Have you never been affected by a news story? Has it never upset you, shifted your focus from one thing to another? If not then I praise you brother for you are much more powerful and stable than I.

    I have a moto that I say to people: The only way to know is to try for yourself.

    I’m trying this as an experiment on myself to see what the results would be. Now, the words I write here, are experiential, not theoretical. This experiment has benefited me immensely, my meditation experiences have been more powerful, stable and intense. I feel more happy, stronger and I feel that because of this I am more effectively able to help people through the life coaching that I do. Surely that’s good thing? I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

    All the best,


  3. Radhika says:

    Yes Amit…you are right. Most of the stupid gossip and unimportant news we read can tend to make us obsess about it consuming our valuable time and energy.
    I try doing what you do to, to let some things affect me only so much. It is after our CHOICE what we want to let sink into our minds and heart

  4. Amit says:

    Hi Radhika,

    It’s so true and it honestly has really almost cleared my mind of a lot of the clutter that used to occupy it!

    Thanks again for your post and stopping by!

    (P.S. I love your name, I have another friend called Radhika too, it’s very unique and unusual, but I love it!) 😀

  5. Sanjay says:


    It is an interesting concept that you have observed. The more you are involved into the rut of daily life, the more it disturbs your mind. It registers and many of the unfounded fears of the past scream at you extrapolating it into the future. In this uncontrolled state of thought flow the present is all messed up.

    The concept of Satsang and Sattvic attitudes in vedanta is just to ensure the hygeine of the mind is maintained. So today’s expose of corruption, greed, anger, lust and hate in it’s many forms from news channels all the way to soap operas are creating a cesspool of thoughts that can very well be avoided.

    Congratulations ! Your introspections are definitely worth pursuing by all on the path to liberation.

  6. Amit says:

    Hi Sanjay,

    Firstly, thank you for your wonderful comments.

    I truly appreciate you taking the time for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I have to say that I agree even more so now then when I first wrote the article. It’s made a huge difference to me, the way I think, my emotional levels during the day, my attitude towards life, my energy levels. I’ve been affected on every level in a very positive way.

    I still watch t.v. from time to time, like I said there are still shows which I love like: Simpsons, Friends, etc, but the great thing is my life no longer revolves around shows like that. I don’t get upset if I miss the odd episode here or there. 😛

    Thanks once again and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future Sanjay!

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