New Year Blues?

Those few seconds of happiness are amazing. That moment when you kiss and hug your loved ones. Yes 2006 is here For a few short minutes there is happiness of newness and the prospect of new options and choices in our lives. Newness often brings the best out of people. It brings that hope that things can change and things can be different.

We start the process of making resolutions and within a few short days the resolutions are forgotten and once again everything seems normal. That hope is gone and nothing seems as rose tinted as it did for those few short moments We do this to ourselves every year. We build up our expectations of what say to ourselves; ” this year is going to be different. I’m going to effect change this year.” Unless we act upon those fresh feelings its begs the question why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we build up our own expectations of greatness and newness and then let those ambitions and dreams slip so quickly.

Alas, It too have felt this frustration and hence have come to write this article. These are my tips for beating those new year blues and keeping to those resolutions.

Resolution tips

1. Remember, the new year is just another day. However each day is new and with it you can make new choices and explore different dreams. Don’t put hopes on the new year bringing newness, just understand that each moment is new and it shouldn’t take a year to effect change. YOU CAN DO IT NOW!

2. Take your resolution seriously. Write it down and keep it somewhere, where you can see and read it everyday. Say it out loud every morning.

3. Try and make only on resolution at a time and stick to it. Keep it realistic and following it through to it’s completion if it’s something that needs finishing or or if it’s something ongoing make sure you dedicate some time to it and let nothing get in it’s way

4. Tell only one person what that resolution is and ask them to remind you of it incase you start to go off the rails. Don’t tell too many people otherwise it will loose it’s energy and you won’t be able to complete what you started.

5. Help someone else with their resolution.

General Tips

1. Check on that bank balance. Overspending over xmas and the new year is easy to do but just make sure you’ve left yourself enough to last you until the end of January. If you don’t you could face some unexpected fees and charges!

2. Get rid of old junk and clear the clutter

3. Take up some voluntary work

4. Make sure you that you don’t partake in weightloss fads. The last thing you want to do is make your weight and health yoyo. If you start something, make sure it’s realistic and keep it up.

5. Be creative. Do at least one creative thing every day!

6. Keep it real!!

2 Responses

  1. Epicurean says:

    You’re quite right about people vesting so much in one moment in time, the stroke of midnight on December 31, truly is just like any other. Believing that it’s different from the others takes away from the magic of believing that everyday is special. Okay, it’s the “New Year” if you don’t follow the lunar calendar, but again, you’re right – how new is it if you do the same thing? Say the same things? and then just let yourself down?

    Personally, this year my flatmate and I decided that we weren’t strong enough to make a go of it on our own, so we made promises to each other and wrote them down. We both have a copy of what we said we’d do once we came back to university, on our walls so we remember to act on it and not to let ourselves down.

    This is why I sleep on NYE like any other day.. except this year 😐 ahhh…

  2. Amit says:

    LOL…I’m glad that you at least had some good rest on the day, I know that I did too and I even had an early night to boot! 🙂

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