One Of The Best Things You Can Do To Stick Out

To bring about automatic successful self-marketing when you meet people do something to make them remember you. Get a “thing” that people will always associate with you and you alone.

It could be something as simple as a kind gesture, a silly joke that makes people laugh, approaching people randomly just to say hello! It could be anything of the sort. Don’t just be another face in the crowd, or one of many fish in the sea, be a rare species! Demonstrate your uniqueness and I guarantee that people will remember you for years to come!

Just in September last year, I was at a religious festival, I saw a woman I recognised although I wasn’t quite sure where from, but I felt like I knew her. So I decided to go up and say hello. It turned out that she was a news reporter that I had seen on T.V. Before the end of the festival I made sure I spoke to her again and got her email address. I also met her friends and remembered their names. A couple of days later I dropped her an email and mentioned all of her friends too. That made me not seem like the average Joe.

Because of my actions, It’s unlikely that she’ll forget me (although she’s probably trying to :-P) and now we have become friends. If I didn’t act, didn’t say hello, didn’t do something out of the blue, I wouldn’t have made this great connection.

Another time, a few years back, I was at a club, and had the chance to sing in front of the camera to win a CD. So I sang my heart out and I won the CD. Little did I realise that It was going to be broadcast on TV. :-O But because of that people I’ve never met before, still, come up to me and say: “Hey I’ve seen you on T.V. somewhere!”

Be remembered. Do one thing and find ‘your thing’ that will always allow people to remember you; be an endangered species.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Amit,

    I imagine it was quite a shock to find yourself on Cable TV!!! 😀

    You must have heard me asking about this topic! I have mentioned to a couple of people in the last day that I don’t know anything about self-promotion and I’m always open to advice in that area, especially since I’m trying to get my stress management consultancy started.

    I will definitely follow your advice…thanks! 🙂

  2. Amit says:

    It was a shock…and guess what? To this day I have yet to see that clip! 🙁 😆

    I did hear you asking and hence the posting, It truly does work. Even if it’s just your smile or your unique way of laughing or an interesting way of introducing yourself, does wonders for not only your confidence but also your self-marketing. 😀

  3. Michelle says:

    You haven’t seen the clip?!?!?! That’s terrible! Just as a courtesy, they should send you a copy.

    I stopped in at the apartment management office yesterday to ask about a letter delivered into our box by mistake, and mentioned that I was available for speaking, so if they belonged to or knew of any social or business groups interested in hiring a speaker to teach them quick and easy techniques to relieve stress, let me know; and I left a couple of cards. The lady who is the manager for our complex seemed interested in inviting me to speak at a meeting of all the employees (this company owns a couple of apartmetnt complexes in the area, and apparently they have combined employee meetings).

    So….we shall see! 🙂

  4. Amit says:

    Good on ya! You know, it’s even the things that we may consider insignificant that catch peoples memory and so it really could be anything, you just have to trust in your instinct and do what feels right to you! 🙂

  5. kavikim says:

    Yep yep, totally agree! The one thing that helps people to rmember me, is if i am totally myself! I recently accompanied my boss to a lunch with some clients and decided that i wouldn’t play the work card, but would let my guard down and allow them to see my personality. We spent most of that lunch talking about superficial things about each other…however it was information about each other which broke down barriers, hence the business relationship is alot stronger then it would have been.

    When i was at University, i was told that NETWORKING is the essence of business development. Most networking is conducted outside of the office…i remember my director used to entertain clients, get them drunk, hence the barriers would come down, and a bond would be formed between them = a sucessful business partnership/or at least a better one.

    I’ve read loads of business journels and i personally beleive 90% of business is done outside of the office walls. What i’ve learnt through NLP and from life ingeneral, is that people react to certain triggers of your behaviour, including those in the professional business world too. When we want someone to like us, we’ll do a number of suttle things ; smile, warm and gentle persona, keep your body language open, be accomodating in your speech, mimick the cues in the other persons language. If people spent more time doing this in business…..well…REALLY watch for it, and try it for yourself…it can work wonders!

  6. Amit says:

    That’s some truly awesome advice kavi, I’ve got some new ideas from what you’ve said, thank you! 🙂

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