Book Review – The Emissary By Milan Bakrania

I’m very excited to be bringing you this book review right now for several reasons. The first of which is that Milan and I are old friends. His brother and I were in the same class at school. Since we spent so much time together I also got to know his younger brother, Milan.

The second of which is that this is Milan’s first book and I’m very honoured to be the first to review it. Lastly I’m excited because now that I’ve read it I strongly believe it’s going to make an impact in this world.

The story is about a young man named Jayesh (my brothers name which he was also very excited about) who encounters a young boy at very turbulent time in Earth’s future history. This encounter changes the way that Jay thinks and sets him on a path of spreading a powerful message of hope to the world. There is a twist to the story…

This book is The Alchemist meets Ghostbusters II! (Eh? I hear you ask!) You’ll have to read it to find out. As I mentioned this is Milan’s first book and he has truly not disappointed. To get to the published stage is an incredible feat in itself. I asked Milan about the process:

“As with everything, The Emissary began with a single thought, not about a novel or writing but of an idea. What would happen if you met someone extremely divine (not giving too much away there!) in the middle of a busy highway?

It sounded strange at the time but held exciting premise. For days, the idea remained at the forefront of my mind. And then it happened…I could no longer hold back. As soon as I put pen to paper, I managed to churn out the first few chapters in just a matter of hours.

After which the flow could not be controlled. Every waking hour was filled with ideas and inspiration. I had to keep a notebook with me at all times to record my thoughts.

Within two months, the raw draft of a main plot was ready. The protagonist now had a location, back story, friends and a name, Jayesh Shatri! My decision to set the story in an unstated future time meant that I could play around with the location details of New Mumbai and let my imagination run wild.

To give an international feel I added some characters who were unknowingly part of the story namely Julie, the Rajasthani father, his daughter Shanti, President Ibaku, Frank Bishop, Marianne and the enigmatic Yaar.

Being inspired by the famous Krishna-Arjun dialogue from The Bhagwad Gita (Hindu Holy Book) I decided to create an etheral-style conversation between Yaar and Jayesh in the middle of India’s busiest highway.

This became the focal point of the book. A unifying moment that would tie up all the loose ends and explain the confusing plot line prior to their meeting. Along with Jayesh, his friend Manisha plays a pivotal role in explaining the vivid prologue of a time lost in the waves of time and the emergence of our civilisation.

Once proof-read and edited, I was able to muster up interest within a month. Some publishing houses were not interested, others were busy but it so happened that two houses were very interested in the unique plot line.

Being my first book, I wanted a big part in the overall look of the final product. I, therefore, took it upon myself to register a domain name and create a website ( I also designed and created the front/back covers.

Once approved, the book was ready for the printers and I received the first copy within 3 months of starting the full process. As I was fully involved in the design of my book, the satisfaction of seeing it in print was overwhelming.

It all began with a single thought and now The Emissary is finally ready for release. Even though I have created a career from a hobby, writing still gives me tremendous joy and satisfaction, so much so that my second book, Flicker is nearing completion.”

Milan Bakrania

I would like to say that The Emissary will keep you gripped from beginning to end. It will open your heart to the subtle reference of where humankind is at and what we need to do to shift where our planet is at. It’s a beautiful simplistic story coupled with great wisdom that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

P.S. If you would like to review the book you can get Milan’s contact details by clicking here. It can also be pre-ordered from Amazon.

P.P.S. The book is due to be released on June the 7th.

The Emissary - By Milan Bakrania

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  1. Seems to be interesting! Thanks a lot, Amit, for your review! And I wish Milan great success!
    .-= New at Roman Soluk’s blog ..How to become a perfect man =-.

  2. Milan Bakrania says:

    Hi Amit,
    Damn, look at my face…I look like I’m high on…something! Actually, that’s me having a good time in Dubai!

    Amit, I’m speechless! Thank you so much for taking time out to review my book. I’m overwhelmed by your review and your good wishes. I’m hoping that The Emissary will shine like a beacon in a dark tunnel and provide people with the necessary hope to grown and create leaving behind the bubble of limitations.

    Thank you for all your good wishes.
    Milan Bakrania
    “Sometimes you just have to think differently” Yaar (The Emissary)

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Yep you do look high, now we all know your creative secret…be high on life and write like a pro! 😉 My pleasure and I know it’s going to be a huge success, keep writing!

  3. Milan Bakrania says:

    Thank you Roman for your good wishes : )

  4. Hi Milan and Amit,

    Congratulations for the book and it sounds interesting.

    Wishing you success.

    Bye for Now
    Cheryl Paris
    The Acorn Coach Blog
    .-= New at Cheryl Paris’s blog ..Act Now: Why You Should Never Wait =-.

  5. Milan,

    Congratulations on your first book being published. Wish you book sells great! Looking forward to reading it. Pictures looks fine to me btw 🙂

    It is great to feature new authors and new books, thanks.
    .-= New at Zengirl @ Heart and Mind’s blog ..Surviving without money possible? =-.

    • Milan Bakrania says:

      Hey, thanks for the compliement regarding my book and, more importantly, my picture! LOL : )

      I also think it’s great of Amit to feature new authors such as myself. Hope this is the beginning of a trend.


    • Amit Sodha says:

      My Pleasure Zengirl, this book will do wonderfully in India!

  6. rob white says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a unique concept. I loved the Alchemist and Ghostbusters so it will be interesting to see how you pull it off. Best of luck and congratulations.

    • Milan Bakrania says:

      When the concept of the book was in its infancy I never really had The Alchemist, Ghostbusters or any other book/movie in my head. I started with the idea of a person troubled by life, meeting someone special in the middle of India’s busiest highway and then using a new found confidence to effectively save the world. The story evolved from there. But I can see where the similarities lie in the finished story. Many thanks for your good wishes Rob.

  7. Swati says:

    I have just found my next read!

    Milan, Congratulations on the release of your first book, first of many I hope.

    Amit, Thank you for recommending it, if it’s rubbish I’ll make you eat it! (I’m sure it’s not Milan)


  8. Farnoosh says:

    I loved reading about your flowing juices of inspiration and the power of focus. It was so wonderful to know that from one idea, something can be born with enough perseverance and inspiration. Very good for you. I actually want to read Bhagwad Gita as my yoga friends mention it all the time – and I’ll check out your book too, Milan….congratuations and you give me lots of encouragement for mine (Memoirs of leaving Iran) for someday!

    • Milan Bakrania says:

      Hey Farnoosh, I’m glad my story has given you encouragement to get those creative juices flowing. I’m constantly astounded by how such things evolve from a single thought. I know I should be used to it by now (it’s been going on since the birth of everything!). It’s just exciting to see where an idea can take you.

      If you do read the Bhagwad Gita, watch out for the Krishna-Arjun conversation in the battlefield. This was my inspiration for the conversation between two characters in my book.

      Thanks for checking out The Emissary. Hope you will like it.
      All the best for Memoirs of Leaving Iran – I hope to read it someday soon.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Farnoosh – you’ll be glad to know you can get the full Gita on the iPhone! 🙂 Hurry up with your book. Milan has inspired me to get mine finished quickly too!

  9. Farnoosh says:

    Milan, thank you for the tips on Bhagwad Gita! And with Amit’s tease here on how I can read it on my iPhone (I JUST yesterday finished my first book on iPhone – “Alice in Wonderland” using Stanza app….wow what an experience), then I have no excuses now, do I? Thank you for the inspiration, you two!!!!
    .-= New at Farnoosh’s blog ..Leo Tolstoy: “Anna Karenina” =-.

  10. Phil - Less Ordinary Living says:

    Amit and Milan –

    Congratulations on getting your book published – a sterling achievement. I wish you every success. I’m sure that it is just the start of great things for you, Milan.

    Best wishes,

    .-= New at Phil – Less Ordinary Living’s blog ..How to avoid getting fired by George Clooney =-.

  11. Baker says:

    This book looks great! Congratulations, and much success your way!!!

    • Milan Bakrania says:

      Hey Baker,
      Thank you so much! : )
      Hope you’ll take a look at The Emissary and spread the word.
      Kind Regards,

  12. skittles234 says:

    Just read this blog and I can’t believe that I was a librarian for 8 years and yet I had no idea about this book! I absolutely loved reading The Alchemist, and even though I haven’t seen any of the Ghostbusters movies, I’m sure I’ll have a pretty good idea when I read your book 🙂

    Belated congratulations though, Milan, and yes you do look high but with a very sexy goatie! 😉

    Can I get a signed copy of both this book and Flicker pweez? 😀

    P.S. Amit, when are you finishing your book dude?? I’m more excited about that then my wedding! 😉

  13. skittles234 says:

    So Milan, whilst Amit is writing his book, do tell us more about yours:

    1. Where did the name come from?

    2. What inspired you to create the look for your book?

    3. Have you thought about writing your future books under an alias?

  14. skittles234 says:

    Just read a snippet of your book on Amazon – it gave me goosebumps just from the first few pages!! Can’t wait to read the rest of it – definitely my next read too! 🙂

    Folks, here’s the link to a delicious morsel of the book:

    All the best dude!

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