Get An Insane Amount Of Web Traffic To Your Articles And Posts

Get an insane amount of web traffic

If you want to get an insane amount of web traffic, to your articles, posts, and website, then you’ve come to the right place. #Breaktheinternet 😛

I’m not a definitive expert in online marketing. In fact I’ve never really written much about content creation. I happen to think that’s a sin since I’ve been doing this so long. I wanted to step out of my usual comfort zone and really share something totally different to what I’m used to.

What is life unless you step out of the comfort zone right?

I couldn’t ignore this calling in my to write this any longer. I have 13 years of blogging experience, over 2,000,000 website hits, over 1,000,000 followers on Facebook. Posts that frequently go viral. All of these accolades have taught me some incredibly valuable lessons. Today, I want to share with you the things that have worked so you can emulate the successes to skyrocket your web traffic.

1. Headlines to get an insane amount of web traffic

It’s all about Headlines, Headlines, Headlines! With attention spans growing shorter with each new gadget release, it’s important to kidnap your readers early. The best way is through a kick-ass headline if you want to get an insane amount of web traffic.

I say it to those when offering my dating coaching – when you create a dating profile, begin it with a unmissable headline! Especially in this ‘swipe’ era of dating. You have to grab attention fast if you want to get noticed.

My best articles here on this blog, with the exception of one, have been articles with striking headlines. One example would be

35 Colossal Quotes That Will Electrify Your Soul – That article was ‘stumbled’ over 10,000 times and got a huge amount of traffic and it’s easy to see why. It caught readers attention and immediately told the reader was the article was about in an impactful way.

Perception Vs Reality – This is one of those the broke all the rules. One of my earliest articles and still to this day, one of my most visited with nearly 500,000 hits alone. I just got lucky with a title that was a frequently searched subject and I was for a long while, at the top of Google Search for this subject.

Look at any tabloid, magazine or online publication. They really execute their titles and use them as a way of luring you in. Ask yourself, are you headlines enticing your readers? Even on social media platforms like Facebook, begin your post on your profile with an eye-grabbing title. People will sit-up and pay attention when they see something they can relate to.

2. Images

With an incredible selection of websites like Unsplash and Pixabay that offer copyright free images, you won’t be short of a dazzling array of images that really add that distinct, jaw-dropping finishing touch, that will bring your post alive to get an insane amount of web traffic

Newspapers and magazines have been doing this for years before you and I were even brought into this world. Why? Because they will steal attention and nail home the headline with an image that shares a powerful story.

And, if you want to have an even bigger impact, the way modern blog designs and Facebook display blog posts, why not even insert a quote onto the image to get even more engagement. Here’s one such example…

3. Content to get an insane amount of web traffic

Naturally, what would an article or post be without it actually being a solid piece of content? Yep, zip, zilch, nadda!

Your headline can be great. Your image can be on point. Everything else can be spot on, but if you don’t have mind-blowing content, any extra traffic you get will be painfully short lived. People won’t return or become invested in who you are, what you do and what you have to say.

Even though sites like Facebook steal a lot of the traffic, there is plenty of room for you to get your contribution noticed, and in a big way.

Every single day, there are hundreds of people starting a blog, a new podcast, Facebook page, etc. Because deep down all content-creators want a piece of the pie and it can be achieved by remembering these key elements with each piece of content we put out.

4. Make it timeless.

I’m all for up-to-date content for new sites, but as a small content creator, I want to put out content ideally that people will be reading in 10, 15, 20 years time.

One of the earliest articles I read when getting into online marketing, to get an insane amount of web traffic, was a piece by the legendary Seth Godin. Even now, I still have this article in mind when writing something and I thought I would see if the piece was still online, and of course it is. It’s Seth friggin’ Godin!

It’s still there and still as relevant as when he wrote it back in 2006. In fact, most of the powerful, timeless points, he’s written there are symbolic of a lost art in many ways. So anyone who really pays attention to it and adopts and applies it, will be way ahead of the curve.

Get creative, get savvy and above all, exceed your own expectations.

If you want to get an insane amount of web traffic to all of your online content, no matter where it may be hosted, you’re going to have to exceed your own expectations. You’ll know you’ve created something and at the the end you’ll say to yourself, ‘wow, where did that come from?’

As Neil Gaiman said, ‘you won’t find your own voice until you’ve sounded like a lot of other people’. So, if in the beginning you need to emulate your heroes first, and then unleash your own inner master content creator, so be it!

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