Poem By Kavikim

Our path in life is uncertain
And often the road is unsteady
With each step you bring your fair share of burden
In an effort to reach this new life, waiting and ready

Do not be beset by doubt or fear
For this journey your on is essential
Proud angels in heaven will shed a tear
As they see you reach your potential

From the boy you were to the man you become
New light, no hope, shines through your heart
A dramatic change has now begun
This new you, and new life is about to start

But dear Amit, never loose faith in what you can do
You’re a warrior in mind, heart and soul
Remember there are always angels to guide you
That will show you true meaning and make you feel whole

There’s a chance that I am here for you
To carry you through this changing state
I will offer my kindness, my wisdom and truth
Because maybe I am here due to fate

Don’t look to far for the friends here to guide you
Because there are reasons we are surrounding you now
We are here to help you succeed in what you want to do
All you need to do is ask, and we will say when and how

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  1. May 13, 2012

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