Reflections Of Amit

This poem was written about me by someone who I consider very dear and special. She is literally my soul mate and she asked me to put this up as a blog. Enjoy! 🙂

Within his Smile, I see a light, which shines eternal

It spreads warmth across my body and makes me feel content

His tender lips, which call to me, is a gift, which is heaven, sent

And within his eyes, I see his soul forever shining bright

It keeps me always entwined to you, always teaching me wrong and right

Through his hands, I feel purity and strength, an eternal flow of energy running through his veins

It changes the way I feel inside and eases all my pains

Within his words, I hear his wisdom, holding my attention

For each word is like music to my ears, kindly holding my affection

Welcoming are his comforting arms, that always hold me close

Its where I lay my head to sleep, his embrace I would miss the most

And through his actions, I see love, I feel love, I know love

For his actions are his purist manifestations

It is the reason, my love, I have these constant infatuations

He is the one I can laugh the longest with and make everything light hearted

Our laughter will always remain, till the time we part, since the time we started

He rescued me from the darkness and taught me how to fly again

He’s become the torch that clears my way, my constant companion in my day

He’s the warrior who protects me from my nightmares, in the loneliness of my mind

Because he wipes my tears and teaches me to leave all those fears behind

So he tucks me in when I go to bed, and kisses my eyes one by one

With every special word he whispers, he wounds the ills that have been done

He is the medicine for my soul, whom relieves all my pains

He’s the force behind my healing who shelters me from the rain

For you I am a thousand roles, a partner, a friend, and a kin

I would greatly be a thousand more, just so I can please my soul twin

You keep me happy and forever bright, and you make me want to sing

For all the roles that I am for you…To me you are my everything.

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