The Driving ‘Ologies Series – Part 1

A while back I began writing about one of the book projects that I’m currently working on called: “The Driving ‘Ologies” and how the way we drive tells us much about our personalities, the way we act in certain situations and how we live our lives in general! The book itself is nothing too serious, in fact it’s intention, more than anything is to put a smile your face and make you think: “doh! I sometimes do that” or “I never do that” or “No wonder I keep having accidents!” 😀

So here is my first installment for you to ponder.

Not signalling


When you’re at a roundabout or about to take make a turn going in a different direction? Do you always signal, in good time, to let other drivers know what your intentions are? If so, it shows that you are the 3 c’s: Considerate, Consciencious and Cool under pressure!

Signalling early shows that you care for the well being of other road users and also that in life, you will take the time to sit down with people and discuss what decisions you’re contemplating. In a way, it’s to safe guard the feelings of others so they’re aware of why you’re making choices and so you explain to help them understand. It also shows that you respect the opinion of others and allow them to express their own fully without judgement. When faced with pressure, the signal’ers will always be calm, focused and have an air of “coolness” about them.

If you do not signal, first and foremost it is a sign that you’re lazy, selfish and totally inconsiderate, however you do have confidence in yourself which is a good basis for making any change within oneself. Without signalling you will put other people in danger and in the way with regards to life, you will totally disregard others around you and do as you please regardless of who it may hurt! The likely hood is that you will be lazy when it comes to many aspects of your life and wherever you go, you will find some way of taking a short cut!

Change is never easy and can only coincide with a willingness to change. Consciously decide to be a better driver and start by this first stage of someone who consistently signals clearly and in time to notify drivers of your intentions. Any task that you do on a regular basis often leads to a sense of automation. In some cases this is good, but, once in a while, switch on, and through a sense of complete active awareness, make conscious changes. This process will postively affect more than just your driving! 🙂

If you want to change your life, change the way you drive!

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  1. dumbdodi says:

    Amit, I can’t drive. I am scared about driving. Have been involved in more than one road accidents being on the receiving end. 🙂
    Anyways I agree with your observations, I was picturing my friends and family members who drive and your observations are spot on.

  2. serenity says:

    Hi Amit 🙂

    Just popping in to wish you peace and blessings and joy this glorious day.

    I think there is a lot to be said for consistency in personality expressed through driving. Always fascinating reading here Amit full of so much to contemplate and consider.


  3. Amit says:

    Hi Dumbdodi,

    Awww sorry to hear about your accidents…I know what you mean, driving, especially in cities, is never an easy thing to do, I’m sure one day though you’ll feel more confident about driving. 🙂

    Hi Serenity,

    Thank you for you message, anything from you always brings a smile to my face.

    I have a very busy weekend ahead of me but I will be popping by to your blogs shortly! 😀

    Mwah and Hugz!


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