The Mini Miracles Of Life

Miracles are occurring all around us in many different forms. They are not always grand. Some are much smaller than others and many are barely noticeable or audible. It’s how we choose to perceive these events that make them what they are.

I was on the phone with a friend and she said to me that she had been craving some uplifting audio material. She was in a place where she felt she needed something like this to lift her spirits. I said to her that I had plenty that I could give her that she might find interesting. Not a grand miracle you might say but it just so happened that we spoke today, when she was in the need of something, and I just so happened to have the thing that she needed.

I was a similar position recently whereby I was looking for some audio material on the internet on self development not because I needed it but because I just wanted to learn and increase my personal development and after a couple of days these things just started falling into my lap and I found an abundant supply.

Again not a huge miracle but mini miracles like this occur all the time and I guess it all comes down to what you perceive the word miracle to mean but IMHO these small life events are the miracles that we choose to create through the power of our thoughts and feelings.

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  1. Robert Waelder says:

    Good point, Amit. Most people read books like The Celestine Prophecy or Course in Miracles and assume that miracles must be some grand thing. Like holding thoughts and intentions will suddenly bring an elephant in the room out of thin air (to use The Secret’s example :-)). Of course, this is the effect which holding a thought long enough and sincerely enough has, but initially that thought only brings tiny miracles like you mentioned. Continually holding that intent eventually will manifest so many tiny miracles that it will snowball and suddenly you have one giant miracle on your hands (like raising ten thousand dollars for a sick relative). Steve Pavlina has an interesting post on this same sort of thing.

  2. Interesting stuff! I’am just searching the web to look for way’s to tell people about an eBook I wrote. To me the whole Internet seems to be like a miracle. Here I am THINKING about where on earth I am gonna find people that might be interested in reading my book and are interested in self development and personal growth. And how exiting it would FEEL if could get other people to know about it and “Poof” I find a blog about “The Miracles of Life”. Although I don’t know If you already have enough books about “that kind of stuff” or would be only remotely interested in my eBook, I would consider it like “a little miracle” to receive some feedback about how people preceive my eBook other than “objective” family and friends. (if it’s only a comment on my FREE Preview.)You can find a FREE Preview at my website.


  3. Amit says:

    Robert, thanks for the link to Steve’s post I will check that out shortly!

    HP, I’m checking out the free preview now and will come back shortly with my feed back.

    Best wishes, 🙂

  4. Kavita says:

    Excellent HP – you’ve made a miracle happen today! I’ll be checkin it out too! xxx

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