Does Ultimate Evil Dominace Ultimately Equal Utopia?

Ok, here’s a thought that’s been stirring around in my mind for a good long while, I’d say months maybe even a year or more! I’m not sure how even to verbalise this question accurately while conveying the meaning of what I’m saying but I’ll give it a shot.

When you watch a movie, it could be any movie, and you have the classic battle of good and evil. Lets say there’s an evil tyrannt who wants world domination and who wants nothing more than to destroy the good people and let the world be overun by the armies of darkness. Ok now, lets say theoretically that the armies of darkness won the battle, what then? Their purpose is fulfilled and they have nothing else to achieve. If they’ve wiped out all of their enemies and there’s no one left for them to fight, except themselves, however they are governed by the same belief systems so there wouldn’t be any point, so what I’m trying to say, once they’ve achieved their goal, in effect, they’ve attained their utopia and in so doing, they’ve eliminated any reason for their being? So you might then get one, who might say to the leader ‘we’ve eliminated our enemies, now what?’ We will live by your system of goverenance, again whatever that might be, but they would be in effect living in a society that is still goverened by a leader, with rules and with people then wanting to establish new goals, like, having family and a home?

I probably haven’t made any sense what so ever but basically it’s come fully circle until that system of goverenance is challenged, and even then, by what? Good or a source of yet even more evil?

The closest example I can think of right now is the Matrix Trilogy, when Agent Smith achieves his goal of destroying Neo. He said earlier in the film that purpose was the key for life and so once he fulfilled his purpose, he ceased to exist because there was nothing else left for him. Even after that, if he didn’t die, the world would be full of Agent Smiths, and so what then? Once everyone was turned into an Agent Smith an all other life on earth was dead, what would they do then? Start living happily ever after?

I know this must sound totally crazy but the more I think about this the more I being to understand the opposing ying yang forces and that without the other, neither would have a purpose.

Does a warrior without enemies have a purpose on this earth?

Your thoughts? Am I mad? Does this sound totally whack or have you ever stopped and actually thought about this?

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  1. Dan Linehan says:

    Hey Amit =)

    Great post. I don’t know if I am quite qualified to speak on this but I wanted to offer up some opinions.

    I think what you need to figure out to answer your confusions is how are evil and good really defined?

    Erin spoke to this on her post about fear based guides:

    What I took from it was mostly from this paragraph:

    Apparently there are two methods to ascension that are available to us. The faith/love strategy, and the control/fear strategy. I want to stress that both are equally valid strategies to achieve evolution of your soul. As humans we have free will. We can decide to live our lives based on the fear/control model or the faith/love model. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I don’t feel right judging people who choose a control/fear strategy.

    Of course, I would consider fear, manipulation, greed, etc all to be evil things. But I think that’s an illusion, the proof of which is what you outlined above: At the highest evolution those things cease to exist, even within their own context.

    So it seems like its a natural progression, from Fear to Love to ??

    Fear / Control –> Love / Faith –> Profit?

    I dunno, I’m just really glad that I’m not in the Fear Control group =)

    Thanks for the great writing, I’m a first time visitor and love the content.

  2. Amit says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your comments, I did read that post by Erin but I didn’t quite look at it that way. Now you mention it, I see exactly where you’re coming from.

    I first got an idea of why the yin yang forces co-exist by reading conversations with God some years ago. I’m starting to get a better understanding of why they exist and also why one cannot exist without the other.

    What you said: “At the highest evolution those things cease to exist, even within their own context.” makes absolute sense to me. Thanks for your post and thanks for your clarification! 🙂


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