Are You Embarrassed To Look At Topless Page 3 Girls?

A few weeks ago my co-presenters and I were having a debate about topless page 3 girls. It was sparked by an article in the paper. The article was about the UK General Elections.

It said that if Labour were voted in they would get rid of page 3 girls from the tabloids. They paper itself sided with the Conservative party who were not against it. It said clearly that if you like page 3 girls, don’t vote Labour!

We were debating the morales of page 3 girls and what they do. In the past, I’d been embarrassed to look at page 3 girls, if I was, for example, on a train or sitting in a cafe. I consciously used to try and telepathically transmit the following to people “I’m reading the interesting articles on page 2, not checking out the girls on page 3!”

The debate got quite intense and ended with one of my co-presenters asking me if I’d let my wife/girlfriend do a I page 3 spread? My answer was simple: Yes! Here’s why I don’t feel embarrassed to look at those pictures in public and why I have a lot of respect for those girls.

From The Perspective Of The Models

I’ve often heard people say that the girls who do page 3 spreads are talentless bimbo’s and they’ve just been blessed with nice rack! I disagree.

Not all of the girls will be talentless bimbo’s! That’s like saying all politicians are liars. Okay, bad example but you get my drift. You can’t generalise about something like that.

Just because we see only see the shell it doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t contain a pearl. Even if you only take them on the merits of their physical appearance, there is much more to it than just ‘looking good’.

There’s learning how to stay fit and healthy. Learning how to keep your skin clear and having the discipline to eat the right kind of foods.

I know a few topless models and pole dancers personally and they are anything but dumb. They may be simple but their simplicity in their approach has helped them go far become wealthy.

From The Perspective Of Looking At Them

I no longer have any problem with looking at a page 3 girl in public. I’m not embarrassed by it and neither do I feel the need to apologise to those who feel offended by it. The human body is art perfected to me and it should be celebrated.

Is it just a cheap thrills for blokes? Of course, heterosexual guys are visual and will always be. We will forever be excited by the sight of a naked woman!

Does that make guys perverts for wanting to look? I think my friend ‘evolution’ would have something to say about that. The male species were meant to be turned on by the physical. No amount of protest by a Labour politician will change that.

I’m sure some of those girls have faced their fair share of challenges by even taking that step and kudos to them. It can’t have been easy and I’m sure they get the evil’s from friends/family who don’t approve.

Is it wrong of them to earn money for showing off their body? Of course not and to make them feel guilty for that is just as equally absurd. Such morality is man made and a shift is perspective can also wo/man made.

The Upshot

1. If you are someone who doesn’t think much of page 3 models, then don’t be surprised when you are prejudged by others because you’ve done exactly the same.

2. Those women do have talents and maybe more than just their physical attributes. Remember that!

3. There is nothing wrong with being paid to flash your boobies. So long as you’re totally comfortable with it.

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  1. Hey Amit,

    I remember something that happened to me a couple of years ago and to this day, I didn’t forget it. I was alone at McDonald’s, drinking a shake and reading Playboy. At a table next to me, there was a girl with two guys. At one point, the girl got up, came to me and said: “Excuse me. Me and the guys are having a bet: are you reading Playboy or FHM?” I said “Playboy” and she said “I knew it!”.

    I think that most modern girls are not very conservative when it comes to sex, beauty and nakedness. They just pretend to be, because they’re afraid of being judged by the guys. It’s guys who are more conservative, not girls.

    • Amit Sodha says:

      Do you really think so Ed? Do you think the guys are actually conservative or just shy and embarrassed to be open about it? I agree with you I’ve found women to be more liberal about these things whereas men tend to me think that they will be judged by people in the sense that people might think they’re a pervert of something.

  2. Roman Soluk says:

    Thanks Amit,for such a wonderful post! I like your attitude toward this topic and I completely agree with you.

    P.S. I like checking your blog, I always find something interesting here! Thanks for this!
    .-= New at Roman Soluk’s blog ..Drinking enough water =-.

  3. And where do I sign up for a subscription to this “page 3” publication?

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