Corona Virus Lockdown – 19 Things you can do during this time.

Corona Virus Lockdown

Has the Corona Virus lockdown hit your country?

Are you feeling anxious with the current situation and are not sure what to do?

This is an exceptional time for everyone. This is probably that one of the rare times in human history that we will all be collectively affected in such a synchronised way.

There is so much going on for everyone right now and the pace of change is incredible.

However, as some people have playfully pointed out, the average person has not been asked to go to war. We have simply been asked to stay at home, to not only keep ourselves safe, but to prevent the spread of the virus. Lets face it, the situation could be far worse.

In light of this situation, there is so much we can do during the Corona Virus lockdown.

Corona Virus Lockdown – To-do List

Before we get to the list let me just take this opportunity to send out a deeply grateful acknowledgement to all those across the world working on the front line, you are the real life super heroes <3

So lets begin and go over a list of all the things you can do with this gift.

1. Learn a language

This is so easy to do now and so many free tools available to do it. My personal favourite is the Duolingo app. I’m currently learning Spanish, as is my wife. I have a friend learning Japanese too. The app is totally free and will just show some short ads to keep it free. However you can always pay to make it ad-free. So whatever the language, you will find a way to learn it for free.

2. Create a website

I’m willing to place a substantial bet that there is a website somewhere in the back of your mind you’ve been meaning to set up for quite some time. Well, now is your chance! You can easily setup a blog in 5 minutes and start from there. Believe me, if I can learn how, you can too!

3. Write a book

Why not use the Corona Virus lockdown time to unleash that inner author? I know so many people who want to write a book but the number one reason they don’t is… time! Well that’s something we’ve now been gifted in abundance. So go and write that best seller!

4. Read lots of books

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a long list of books you’ve been meaning to read. I have a ton on my list, and so why not turn off the t.v. for a while, put the phone on ‘do not disturb’, and get stuck in.

5. Declutter your home

Instead of thinking about what you would normally be doing during your free time. Why not get stuck in and do a declutter of the house. How may piles of paper work have you got hanging about? How many old mobile phone boxes do you have that could be recycled at this time? If you begin now, by the time this is all over you could have a totally clutter free home.

6. Sort your finances out

If you’re not sure what’s going on with your finances, now is the ideal time to get your money matters in shape. Have you got any direct debits going out that shouldn’t be? Or perhaps even any subscriptions on your smartphone? There is no time like the present to start saving money and build up your savings and disposable income.

7. Take an online course (or two)

I’ve been sent many forwards and recently with various offers. Audible is now free for kids and students. The open university is offering some free courses. Why not use this Corona Virus lockdown time to upskill and then show off those new skills and knowledge once this is all over.

8. Binge watch with your loved ones

My wife and I love getting stuck into various binge worthy shows on Netflix and other platforms. We’ll often spend a free precious evening together getting stuck into a fantastic series like ‘Money Heist’ and real life crime shows like ‘The Staircase’ (did he do it, or not?) or Making a Murderer. Or if you prefer something else check out ‘One Strange Rock’ by Will Smith. We learned so much from watching that.

9. Create YouTube Playlists

I have a motivation playlist on mine which I use daily for training at the gym. However, since gyms are now closed, I’ll be listening to them on my morning runs! You can find it here.

10. Learn Yoga

Yoga isn’t my thing but I do plenty of breathing exercises and stretches daily. But who knows, you could discover a new passion with yoga and become more bendy as a result! Perfect during the Corona Virus lockdown.

11. Make funny TikTok Videos

I’m new to TikTok but I’ve added two videos so far… include my #toiletpaperchallenge – more to come!

12. Do your spring clean

Ok, so our home is brand new and doesn’t need a huge spring clean yet but you’d be surprised at how quickly dust can gather in the corners. I think it’s time to unleash my bot-vac around the entire home and then pretend to my wife that I did it all. She will never know!

13. Dust off those board games

My wife and I were lucky enough to have purchased a whole bunch recently so we’re all set for this lockdown in terms of games. Our personal favourite right now has to be Monopoly Deal but if you’re too competitive, they maybe stick with regularly Monopoly!

14. Create Online Content

I did my first solo podcast the other day and I also shared a live on Facebook of my ‘Mindset Mastery’. Check them out and if you’re an aspiring content creator. Maybe it’s time to launch that podcast you’ve been meaning to, or even create an online course and share some valuable skills.

15. Use the time to reconnect with people

I’ve managed to connect with some friends today and sent some video messages. I’ve had some lovely messages from people too reaching out after a long time. This period is the ideal chance to reconnect with people you’ve lost touch with. You should never really need a reason, but this is definitely a good one.

16. Create an app

Why not learn to create an app or get your concept created by someone? When I created Zen Alarm I recruited a team in India that did a fantastic job with creating my app. But now you have the extra time, perhaps you could code one yourself. Who knows what secret talent you could discover.

17. Create a passive income stream

We all know how much internet entrepreneurs love to talk about creating multiple passive income streams. Whilst I agree in part, you could always look to see how you could create an extra source of income online. Why not sell something, or teach something. We all have skills to share with the world. Don’t keep them to yourself.

18. Get organised

Got tonnes of paperwork piled up that you’ve been meaning to sort through for millennia? Now is the time to get all those things that not only linger on your desk, but in the back of your mind where it weighs you down. Make use of this Corona Virus lockdown time to check things of that hefty to-do list of yours.

19. Meditate

Whether you’re in the home alone, or your surrounded by your spouse and kids, there will always be a time and a place for you to do some much needed meditation. Do some deep breathing or some directed affirmations. Either way make time to do a minimum of 6 minutes and go from there.

This list is only the beginning. I’m sure you have many suggestions of your own which you are more than welcome to add into the comments. What have you begun doing since the Corona Virus lockdown began? What have you been able to creatively conjure up?

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    Great article with some helpful information for people. My favorite is the last one, to meditate. Taking some time out to relax and focus your mind is always a good idea.

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