Giving Up Watching News

I was just quickly going perusing the blogdom and came across a post by Mr Stevie P regarding his personal experiment on giving up his news addiction. 🙂

It sort of coincides with two of my other recent blog posts: Virus Alert and What are your biggest spheres of influence.

Steve has given some very clear and interesting reasons on why this experiment illustrates the illusion of wanting to keep up with current affairs. I’m not saying I agree, but I like ya shtyle Shteeeve! 😀

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  1. Michelle says:

    Gee….if I’d known this was newsworthy, I’d have written about it a year ago when I gave up following the news! LOL (Although, I do try to follow what is happening in health and stress related fields since that’s my career, I completely avoid other news broadcasts…except I did watch the first night Katie Couric did the evening network news…first woman as sole prime-time network news anchor…Go, girl go!) 🙂

    As for general news channels and programs….I agree 100% with all 13 of Steve Pavlina’s observations about the news….especially that it generates fear (and therefore stress) without giving any sort of solution.

    Watching the news channels is terrible…they repeat the same stories over and over…my husband watches this stuff and it makes me nuts….they run 20-minute cycles, so you get to hear the same story three times an hour.

  2. Amit says:

    LOL @ Katie Couric! 😀

    Absolutely and why they have 24hour news channels I will never know! As much as I agree with many of Steve’s points. There is a part of me that just says: “I have to know what’s going on.” Although I must admit that when I haven’t seen the news for a day or two, it’s not like rush out and buy a paper!


  3. Antarananda says:

    Glad to know that Steve feels the same way I do about news. I have been on break at my home in India for the past couple of months, and we’ve had cable TV disconnected here as we now live in Los Angeles. I have not watched any television at all since July. You cannot imagine how liberating it is! Since I am not a news addict, I haven’t cared to follow it online either. Steve is right on the money when he says “news is predominantly negative”.

    There is actually a deeper import to this. News creates susceptibility to remaining bound to the present global consciousness paradigm of suffering, disaster, wealth as a means to happiness etc. This is collective hypnotism which we willingly succumb to. I already have much junk in my mind by way of unconsciously programmed self-sabotaging thoughts which I am cleaning out. I don’t want to hinder the process by having some outside influence feed me more useless junk and create further engrams in my consciousness which ultimately get embedded in my mind and body! No thanks. I would rather meditate and allow the eternal bliss of my consciousness to shine through, rather than have someone tell me “Be afraid. Be very afraid!”

  4. Amit says:

    You are absolutely right Antarananada!

    I will say though that I am very lucky. When I wake up in the mornings, I sit down and eat breakfast, and I switch on the bbc breakfast program. As I wake up at a consistent time every day, when I switch on the TV they’re always covering the very lighthearted news. e.g. a new book released, stories of heroism, bbc presenters doing polyphasic sleep 😀 and stories more along those lines which I really enjoy. They also have the weather and traffic reports so I know what to wear and which route to take to work! :p

    There are some good news stories that do come on but predominantly it is negative, biased and of a very scaremongering nature!

  5. Sunny says:

    Haha, no chance! News is my lifeblood!

  6. Amit says:

    Hehehe, Sunnerz, I thought that you would probably enjoy that one! 😀

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