The Wrlds 1st Prsnal Dev R-ticle In Txt Spk

Who needz long words or sntnces to put across deep ‘n mngful r-tcles dat stil inspire ppl.

A msg is still a msg rgdls of da lang that is used. De important fing is dat de msg is clear n’ ppl undastnd whr yr comin’ frm.

(My spl chk was not a hpy bunni durin’ the writin of dis rticle.) EL OH EL 😆

The othr day I was drvin’ hm n’ I saw a dude passd out on da pavemnt. Der wr ppl drivin’ by and walkin’ by who did absolutely nuffin’ to chk if da man was ok.

I stped my car on dis dangerous rd n’ crouched dwn 2 c if da guy was ok. He woz totaly out cold. I tapped him on da chk 2 c if he woz ok. I tried 2 cl 999 but woz unable 2 get thru. I tried to spk to him, n’ gently nudge him n’ he strtd to slwly cum around.

Evntualy he managd to ‘elp hmself 2 hiz ft n’ strted stumbling alng. I stayed wiv him just to mk sur he woz ok as he strted walkin’. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t drunk n’ so he mustve just blcked out or sufmin.

Thkfuly he seemed 2B fyn and woz unhurt. Wen I 1st saw him i fort he was dead as he looked completely lifeless.

Da moral of da story is dat we may lv in diffclt tmz but we shud nt let fear stop us from doin our duties as humans and helping out our fello human b ingz.

The culture dat is be in sprd is dat what if dat person hurtz me or wht if dey drunk or just playin’ trix so dat dey can mug ppl. Well, we can alwayz let des little fearz hld uz bak frm doin wat we no to be rite or we can bcum cowardz in our own hm…planet earf…

Short n’ sweet…jus lyk a txt msg innit! 😉

(I have to say that writing like that took more effort and concentration than writing a normal article. I think I’ll stick to Queens English from now on.)

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  1. Joy says:

    This is the first thing I read today..*love* it!!! The combination of text speak and a powerful message absolutely delights me! No fear..of text speak, strangers, connecting..just pure love! Awe-some!

  2. Milan Bakrania says:

    Dis is so kul! : ) Unique and very witty. Luv it! To be honest, when i’m noting down ideas I abbreviate my words just like this, the reason being that my thoughts are often faster than my writing so I need to get it down quick! (Planet Earf you know!..that’s a new one for me!) : )

  3. Courtney Jones Media says:

    Lolz Amit. Grt sharing. Yes ths is d wrlds 1st prsnl dvlpmtn rticle 😀 😀 😀 keep sharing

  4. Mahavir says:

    U R a joka brv, i needed a txt dictionary to translate some of that. ; ) There arent too many people that help others out like you did bro. Thats rated man!!! Dont ever forget your streetwise instincts tho!

  5. skittles234 says:

    U iz da mayn bruv! God blss ya 4 ‘elpin tht poor soul, I hpe otha ppl will take inspirashun frm dis and bcum more ‘elpful.


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    The Wrlds 1st Prsnal Dev R-ticle In Txt Spk via @amitsodha

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