100 Days of Vision…Day 10

I was recently as this youth conference where young people from local schools and the community get together to discuss issues that affect them such as: gun crime, gangs, the environment and sexual health.

All these issues are very important and it’s wonderful to see the younger generation taking an active part in working towards global solutions.

I was there reporting for radio doing interviews and I asked this young lady if there were any issues in particular, that were brought to light, that she’d never that she’d never thought about before? One of the things that she mentioned was about how sex education in schools is only geared towards hetrosexual sex and we don’t think about how that would make gays and lesbians feel!

I was a little taken aback as it was something I had never ever thought about before and yet it was such a powerful point. It’s impossible to consider every angle on everything but it’s amazing how these young future leaders bring to light issues we may never otherwise give consideration too.

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