100 Days of Vision…Day 11

Time for yourself?

In this day and age we all become innundated with task lists; things to do; people to see; places to go; goals to achieve; deadlines to meet; people to please; etc etc! The list just goes on and on! Then people get to a point where they’re so overwhelmed that they feel like they need some time for themselves.

Time for yourself is great, but what do you do with that time for yourself? What’s your objective of getting time for yourself? What do hope time for yourself will achieve and how do you intend to get to that point?

Personally, I hear people say that they need time for themselves for all sorts of reasons e.g: to recover; to re-energise; to get away from it all; to have “me time; time for reflection; time for planning; time alone; time to re-evaluate life and a whole host of other reasons too.

So what do these people do with the time alone? Well most of them end up watching T.V. and at the end of their marathon T.V. session they feel worse off then when they began because they realise they have yet to do anything that they wanted to do, or think about, with that time alone.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of T.V. on occasion. I like watching my favorite shows from time to time or catching my fav flicks on the tube, but as a rule of thumb, if it’s time alone to recover, re-energise, or any of the other reasons I mentioned above, T.V. is the least constructive way to make use of that time.

Firstly ask yourself: How am I feeling now and how would I like to be feeling after this time alone? What is it that you want to get from spending time alone? What was it that caused you to feel like you needed time alone? Was it because you felt like you were giving to much to others and not yourself?

There could be a whole host of reasons and whatever the reason behind your feeling a need to be or have time alone there is simple suggestion you can do to enhance the results of what you get from that time alone.

However you choose to spend that time alone what you must firstly do is consciously acknowledge that this time is for you. Bring it to the forefront of you mind and set a clear intention or choice about what you would like get from this time alone. For many people the time alone passes and by the time they realised that they’ve had some time alone it has already passed and they have to get back to whatever it was they were doing before. It’s essential to get this vividly emphasise this to yourself and know the purpose of this important time for you.

When you’ve got it clear in your own mind what the purpose is you can then decide what it is you want to do with this time alone. You could do any of the following starting with the least productive all the way to the most essential for your well-being:

1) Watch T.V.
2) Listen to Music
3) Go to the gym
4) Go running
5) Read
6) Write
7) Visualise
8) Meditate

Those are but a few suggestions but the biggest key here is to consciously acknowledge what the purpose of that time is. When you do that, it will make a huge difference and the time you have alone will then begin to shift the way you feel and you’ll start to actually feel like you’ve had some time alone and that you do feel more energised and more prepared to tackle the things that you need to do.

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