100 Days of Vision…Day 13

Results Vs Process Driven.

The title of this topic might be a tad bit misleading so straight away let me clarify what I mean by results Vs proccess driven. When I refer to results I’m referring to people who do focus on the end result only and their mind stays focussed on solely that throughout the entire task. The one who is process driven is focussed solely on exactly that, the proccess, which ultimately meanders away from the result and it is they who end up being the ones who experience lethargy and entropy. It’s not always the case but from what I understand of the way the mind works more often than not it is.

When you focus on the result or outcome, your vision and purpose remain clear. You keep, in the forefront of your mind, the reason why you undertook the task at hand. When you remember the purpose or the “why” and you remain focussed on that, you eliminate any trace of burden, of worrying about the specific tasks that you need to do to attain the result you desire. You’re fully aware and still get on with them, but you no longer get caught up in, shall we say, the menial stuff.

When you focus on the process, more often than not, you lose your drive because you can often forget why you’re doing the task your doing and thats when you start to feel the resistance and the drag co-efficient of your lack of purpose. It’s happened to me and I’ve seen it happen to many people. We create a grand idea, dream or vision and then during the process the dream is forgotten about and then suddenly, unconsciously it’s all become about the process and you’ve forgotten the the very thing that was driving you in the first place.

Get back to the result. Make it grand and lucid. Write it out in big bold letters on a huge sheet of A3 and put it somewhere you see it every single day! Remind yourself of it every single day! Keep a small notepad with you wherever you go and regularly write down and remind yourself of the vision and the purpose that initially got you jump started and into gear.

Ready? Tomorrow I’ll talk about how to enjoy the process! 😉

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  1. Am I a results person or a process-driven one? I used to be a extremely results-driven person. Perhaps this is why the Law of Attraction comes to me so easily. But sometimes, I think that only thinking of the end can also hinder me from achieving my goals. I tend to just think of the dream and float away from the process that is needed to reach it. I should probably strike a balance so as not to lose myself too much.

  2. bhawna prajapati says:

    lovely blog..:)

  3. Amit Sodha says:

    Thank you Bhawna! 🙂

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