100 Days of Vision…Day 18

Enjoying the process

Now it may seem contrary to my previous article in the series from day 13 but there is also a strong reason to learn to enjoy the process. You can’t always be in this frame of mind though. It’s simply taking a few short moments to remember who you really are and what your existence is truly all about.

Having a strong focus on your desired result is awesome for long term achievement but very often what happens is people get to that point and then ask: “Is this all there is?” So what you must remember is that you won’t get satisfaction from the result. The satisfaction must come now through the process; in actual fact, the result is secondary. It’s fulfillment from the experience and the joy of doing now that will give you ultimate satisfaction. The result is the driving force to keep you going in the now. The fulfillment won’t come at the end though! That must also come now through an understanding that the process is very special time for you.

It’s a time for you to appreciate and acknowledge this wonderful gift that you have. It’s a time for you to understand that you truly have an amazing gift to be here, in the now, in this particular situation and are able to plough your energy into the things that you love doing the most. After doing this you will find that you energy levels will rise and surge. Now doubt you’ve experienced times of lethargy and low emotions? Well this is the way to increase your energy and lift your emotions. It’s a way of stilling the mind for just a few brief moments and just enough for you to feel recharged.

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