100 Days of Vision…Day 3

Self Consciousness – A different perspective.

Are we truly being selfish by serving ourselves or are we doing the world some good?

Self Consciousness = Universal Consciousness

Self consciousness by definition is being conscious of the self and ones own behaviour or be very aware of ones own presence drawing attention for whatever reason. Thinking back to a time when you were in a strange place for the first time and for some reason you felt out of place and you felt all eyes were one you because you were the “noob” so to speak! That is the type of self consciouness that is most referred to but I wanted to bring into your awareness a very different kind of self consciouness that breeds much inner power, inner harmony which in turn automatically fuels outer success.

To understand this concept, firstly think about your day. Did you take a walk anywhere? The air was quite heavy today and so you may have noticed the cold heavy air moreso than usual. Most days though you might not even pay attention to the air. But today you did. Now to you, just as normal, you walked from point A to point B, totally oblivious to the fact that you were not just walking as your day to day stigma might lead you believe. You were in fact swimming, in a current of particles and sub atomic particles, unaware that you’re intricately connected to and affecting your surroundings. You are in fact one and the same as everything you see around you only separated by mere awareness of the “self”.

Now you might say, “yes but I can’t see it or am not consciously aware of my interactions with these invisible forces.” Yes that is true, but every good scientist will tell you that just as a butterfly can cause a tornado, so to your beingness ripples and percolates through the universe like a runaway train. So your levels of self consciousness may only currently reside in the spectrum of local effects and repercussions but ultimately your beingness and actions stretch out futher than you may ever know!

Self consciouness is a good thing but where our current line of thinking goes only leads to answers with very limited scope. If the question that precedes self consciousness is one of “what can I do to improve upon yesterday” rather than “what will people think of me?” then you’ve been inspired into a new “level-oution” (my own made up word) 😆 of thinking. The questions may then expand into even further depth into the understanding that any level of self improvement overall, will, and ultimately does, benefit womankind!

When you enter this new realm suddely your thoughts go outward to the greater universal questions. No longer are you merely interested in just your family or your community but your being is saturated with an eager desire to know the intricate workings of the universe and how your actions, however tiny, have cosmic ramifications. Intertwinned with this is an unequivocal desire to help womankind reach the level of self consciousness that serves the greater universal community! It’s will no longer be sufficient to just reach a town or city and hence the formula:

Self Consciousness = Universal Consciousness

So you see, self consciouness when preceeded with a different directive question takes on a whole new meaning and form that can truly benefit humanity. When you catch yourself thinking self consciously find out what was the preceeding question and simply change the question!

A new dawn of self consciouness…

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4 Responses

  1. kavikim says:

    Wooo Hoooo! WomenKind!!!!! Yep yep yep! xxxx

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Amit,

    I enjoyed this article….it has a very Daoist flavor in my opinion. 🙂

    It is a bit of a paradox that being more aware of the Self can lead to a greater awareness of the Whole, but much of life is like that…..a paradox, that is.

    I happen to be taking a break from working on an article in which I quote from chapter 54 of the Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching). Your article reminds me of the end of chapter 54 in the John C. H. Wu translation:

    “How do I know about the world?
    By what is within me.”

    I love the balance and synchronicity of it…know the outside by what is inside; know the inside by what is outside. 🙂

  3. Amit Sodha says:

    Hey Michelle, for some reason I didn’t get an email when you left this comment so apologies for my delayed reply! I’m so glad you enjoyed the article and I’m loving the quote you left! A paradox indeed and the more and more recently I’ve been noticing and appreciating the paradox’s that life throws at us!!

    Thank you and loads of love!


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