100 Days of Vision…Day 39

My prediction – The LHC (Large Hadron Collider)

Well tomorrow is a big day for science as the LHC will finally be put to good use and the first beams of light are sent around the tunnel. I’m no physicist or and expert by any means but I know a little from the books I’ve read on physics; which are quite a few.

My gut tells me that the LHC is going to throw up quite a few surprises and not necessarily provide the results that scientists are expecting; if anything the results will be more grand than they ever imagined. Will they find the Higgs boson? If they do it’ll confirm what many modern day and ancient philosophers have been saying all along; that we are all connected within this Universe.

Even though the LHC will answer many questions it will not be able to answer the most fundamental questions. E.g. Where did the Universe come from i.e. where did the original singularity come from? Is there more life out there in the Universe? Is there a God? What is the human soul/spirit? And finally: Why are we here? These are all questions which the LHC will not be able to answer. If anything they may create even deeper questions about our origins

As for Superstring theory I feel that they LHC will only provide some basic evidence supporting the existence of these strings and the extra 7 dimensions but not give a conclusive answer as to whether they are the fundamental particles of nature.

In summary: I think it will advance our knowledge of the Universe and particle physics but it will only be by a limited amount.

Just out of curiosity…if tomorrow was doomsday and the Earth did get destroyed by the LHC experiments…what would you do with your last few moments on earth? 😆

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