100 Days of Vision…Day 4

You can no longer go a day without reading some news article in the papers about a particular food being good for you, or something being bad for you. What you will notice though is a trend. A trend towards organic eating and diet that consists of good quaility balanced foods is best for you. Of course, you knew that already! The thing is that no matter what we know people will always pay attention to what they hear in the media. However, listen to your gut, you don’t need to be force fed information telling you whats good and bad, deep down we all know what’s ok and what’s not ok. The headlines are there to scare so if you’re genuinely not sure, speak to a health specialist, other than that keep a balance on your diet and do plenty of exercise!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Amit,

    Wow, is that ever true…the whole post, but especially the part about the headlines being there to scare you!

    Not only that, I think they manipulate by confusion. They say one thing one day, contradict it the next so you really don’t know where you stand or what is good for you. You end up reaching for the last “healthy” thing you heard about, and half the time it hasn’t been tested or approved.

    A good example is all the probiotic (“good bacteria”) additives in foods these days. I just wrote about it the other day. (If you want to see my post, click the link attached to my name.)

    The short version is that we don’t know if these additives are any use, we don’t know how the bacteria or the food may react or change when they are put together, and we wouldn’t need to replace our “good bacteria” if we stopped using the anti-bacterial cleaning products that are killing it.

    We are much better off avoiding use of antibacterial products in the home (save it for hospitals and other health care settings where it is really needed), and eating foods with Naturally Occuring “good bacteria” like yogurt, some cheeses, some pickels. “Good bacteria” is most often found in fermented foods because it is the product of the fermentation process.

    I agree that it is also very true that if you just follow you intuition (and hide the junk food), you will naturally choose the foods that are right for you.

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