100 Days of Vision…Day 40

Continuous personal evolution

We think that as human beings we are who we are. We are actually in a continuous flux of change and adaptation. The first time you stepped up to a computer did you know how to use it? No. You evolved your thinking around that new device and once you started to get used to it you began to think about how else you could use it.

Have you ever seen one of the scenes in a movie where the character might say something like. “I can’t change who I am.” I’ve heard a few people say that in real life too. That’s bull! You are deciding who you are moment to moment. The colour of your skin doesn’t define who you are. Your disability doesn’t define who you are. Your height doesn’t define who you are. Your decisions and choices define who you are.

As time goes by we have choice or whether to adapt and evole with the times or sit in a couch and reminisce about how good it was back in the day compared to now. You decide!

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