100 Days of Vision…Day 5

It’s a new year and for many a new hope. Reliance on the feelings of new year are very short lived and so what you must do is change the way you approach your idea of the renewal of your life. My bet is that there are already people out there who’ve either dismissed their resolutions completely or have, in their mind, failed and are already thinking about retaking up that resolution next year. Not a wise move!

Where people often fail is focussing too heavily on the destination rather than engrossing themselves into the journey. The destination is never what it seems, the journey is far more real. Focus your attention on the journey, enjoy the moment, appreciate those feelings of excitement and anticipation. When you do this you’ll notice something very significant happen, your perception of time will slow!

Time appears to travel faster as you get older. After all, how often have you heard someone say “hasn’t the year gone so fast!” Or “where did the year go?” No, it’s gone at exactly the same speed but your perception has shifted. Your paradigm has changed and so ultimately has your perception of time has skewed. The only way to change you perception is to shift your patterns of repetitive thinking and learning that you, no matter your age or where you are in life, whatever you truly want to do, is possible for you!

I totally confess I haven’t even finished writing and deciding what my resolutions are for 2008 but they are a work in progress. I aim to finish them by Sunday and discuss them with my Life Coach so that together we can work on them, plan and prioritise. I can quite happily say that with the exception of one or two small things I not only achieved but surpassed many of my goals in 2007 and some of my dreams came true e.g. becoming a radio presenter!

Take the time now, sit with a friend and ask them to question you on what you would truly like to accomplish or achieve over the next 6 months to a year? It’s a simple process and maybe you can even do the same for your friend. Help them also get closer to their goals and dreams! 🙂

3 Responses

  1. EngineerTiat says:

    Yes, many of us set goals but we do not achieve them.

    This could be due to lack of clarity of our passion, mission and vision.

    Indeed with clarity comes power – power to do and to act.

    Go for your dreams!

  2. Michelle says:

    Glad that you had such a great year, Amit. Congratulations!

  3. Amit Sodha says:

    Thank you Michelle, muchos gracias! 😀

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