400th post!

It is post number 400 for UC and my 369th in all. When I started this blog back in December 2005 I had no clue what it’s aim was, how long it would last, how far it would go, what direction it would take and what would come from it.

It’s still got a long way to go and there’s still much more I wish to do with the blog and I know it’s readership will increase exponentially over the next year with all the new projects I’m undertaking.


Readership – In terms of readership I want to take the level up to 50,000 hits per month. At the moment it’s coming close to the 2000 mark and so bascially increasing over 20 fold.

Content – In terms of content I will continue to create unique content around the theme of personal development. I will continue to create unique and original pieces that give people the tools and knowledge not only to function better in life, but to excel!

Series – I will continue to create new series, I will finish the 100 Day of Vision and I will be starting a weekly focus point series that gives you a single point of focus and practise for the whole week.


Radio – I now have a new radio show called ‘Backchat’ which is aired in West London on 89.6FM on Sunday evenings from 6 – 8pm. Backchat is a youth talk show designed to give the youth a voice and to also give them a channel through which they can actively tackle issues and create solutions to the challenges they face.

Stand-up Comedy – I will continue to perform stand-up comedy as it’s something I enjoy doing. The longer term goal of doing it was to become a much better public speaker and I’ve feel that’s something that I’ve already achieved through it. However, there is always room for improvement and so I’m going to continue doing the Humili-Asian tour.

Life Coaching – I am still providing Life Coaching services and if you would like coaching then all you’ve got to do is click here and send me a message! In the subject just type ‘Life Coaching’.

Books – I’m still working on all my book ideas and will continue to do so. The great thing about greater exposure is that if people already know who you are then marketing the book will be easier.

Youth Projects – This will all now tie in with the radio show. I have already been offered to go into schools and talk about not only the radio show but to also inspire the students. I’m really looking forward to this challenge!

So you can see there is plenty more to come from me at UC! 😉

Share your thoughts with the world :-)